Friday, June 13, 2008


Here's the random photo of the's one of my favorites of Strify because it looks like he partied a little too hard that day. ;-)

You know what I've noticed, there are no good guitar tabs out there for Cinema Bizarre music. I've only managed to find a semi-decent tabbing of chords for "love songs they kill me". I was considering write out some tabbing for other songs but....well I get impatient and lazy. XD If I ever do decide to complete that in the near'll probably be for "get off". It's an easy song on guitar!

You can view chords here.

Other than that I don't have anymore updates/rantings. I'm hoping the band will come out with a new music video soon! ^^ A possible fun video might be coming from us too. We have some cool ideas in mind so stay tuned!

**********If anyone has an a fan-fiction that you want a lot of people to view/read(english text preferablly) I wouldn't mind posting it here and you will get credited so no worries.****************

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alina said...

i actually found some decent chords for angel in diguise at


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