Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I kinda feel bad

for posting this but I guess Luminor's mom has a myspace. I mean it's out there and I guess they made it public. Thats one cool mom though!

Click here to see it


I'm gonna be upgrading this site soon. It'll be a main domain except I can't think of a proper site address yet. Hmm maybe cinemabizarreusblog.com??? I've never worked a main domain site before so that shall be interesting. I'm quite excited actually...I wanna make some fancy graphic/gif work and maybe animation. My only problem is I'm not good at HTML...AT ALL. XD I guess I'll have to learn it better. Then I'll see if I'm able to make alternate pages for Bios, media, discography etc. (all the good shtuff) ^^

Yeah see I would have made a cinemabizarreamerica.com type of site but ...I'm too chicken to do that cause I don't wanna fall behind on keeping something like that in good condition...especially if it ever becomes official. What if there is someone who can do it better than me? Maybe give them the chance? Idk cause it follows up on this big issue I've noticed:

As of late there are many band support sites popping up (as if it's a trend now) and I see that some of them don't update stuff at all or are just having friend adders that add 293403 strangers. I mean SURE your supporting the band by introducing new people to it but..whats the chance they'll actually pay attention to you if you don't update or be active? By active I mean, talking to people you add or vice versa, posting news, researching for more news, and keeping the site looking nice.
Then I've noticed there has been an issue with copying and no crediting. Seriously..if your gonna use someone's stuff..tell them or at least credit them!! It's not that hard! I've talked to other people who run supports for different bands and they tell me similiar stories. It bothers me cause people are not only competing for who has the most friends..but now it's..who has the most supports. <_< I mean the true purpose should be the word itself=support not compete.

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