Tuesday, July 15, 2008


new blog entry from Yu off myspace

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

3 days Beard xD
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today is a very special day for me! ^0^/

as i promised some pics of the new tattoo

whats the right one? xD

oh and check this out


pretty girls, pretty sound, perfet voice n rocknroll videos ;D

Rock On~


btw: nbg is for Nienburg not Nürnberg xD grr~

Note: I wonder if that butterfly is a real tat or not...



Scandinavian show dates delayed to September!
Category: Music

Important news!

The shows in Malmö, Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki had to be pushed back to later dates in September due to organisational issues.
These are the new dates:

SE - Malmö, KB - 14.09.2008

NO - Oslo, John Dee - 15.09.2008

SE - Stockholm, Klubben - 16.09.2008

FI - Helsinki, Nosturi - 18.09.2008

Other dates aren't affected by these circumstances!

Already bought tickets remain available.
We apologize for any circumstances that are being caused.

Have a nice day!

I can imagine some people are probably REALLY pissed off.


And for miscellaneous news:

Strify time?

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