Sunday, August 17, 2008

Kiro Blog!!

hey ya,

hope u all are fine ;D

our two gigs in denmark were so amazing, special the gig in the vega club in copenhagen, it was an amazing concert for us! Thx u for your great energy!!

this friday, we are going to play at the games convention in leipzig! I really can't wait for this! So, after the gig, we can play games XD thats really cool!!!

Soon, we'll continue our europe-tour, I never thought that I will see that much from the world with my 20 years, it is so amazing, I still can't believe it!!

But I'm really lookin' forward for our two christmas-concerts in december we will give in bochum and hamburg ;D I hope u all will come to see us and a few surprises ;D be excited!!!

I will go to bed now, have a good night and sleep well

see ya soon ;D


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