Monday, September 22, 2008

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Peace today pls! <3
Current mood: pretty

Yoooo <3

maybe u know its peace day so be gentle to everyone and keep this kind of mind ;D

its our last day in Tallinn and so the last day of this part of the tour but just a few days and we rock on ^.^
we slept all day long and now were goin to enjoy the sauna a last time.

i had sooo much fun with all of u these days, u gav us muuuch of good energy while all of the gigs, especially i luv helsinki, the stage was soo great!

while the tour we improved a lot and made good experiences.
its a good feelin when u know "hey im growin" not only in the way of music, also in the way of beein human.
i luv life ;D

aneway im happy to be back in berlin this evenin, even i like to travel lot, i missed it x3

rock on <3


rock it Miyavi - Nirvana Blew Cover

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