Sunday, September 28, 2008

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Current mood: hyper


sexy saturday right? ;D

oh yeeeer im damn happy cuz~ i can tell u that our concert at italy-milano is SOLD OUT!!! <3
and also were goin to rawk Rom and Florence this year!!!:D

so much good news hehe
at the moment we prepare for the upcomin shows (r u rdy Milano?) & writin on new songs.
all these things that happen around us, u guys, the tour givin us good energy, experience for life and for sure ideas for songs! :D
oh and before i forget i wanna say thankyo to our supportbands at the last concerts Diskotek and Automatic Eye, u rawked much! :D

still dont hav som tourpics but for ur lucky ill giv u som new ones featurin shin ^^

ur happy now? ;)

n i wish u a niiice night~

rawk on


in my head, som new cb stuff hehe secret ;D

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