Sunday, September 21, 2008

Eskimo Strify!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Blog Bizarre 017 - Konnichiwa Bitches (Back from Scandinavia)

Howdy again!

I'm blogging right now from the Hotel in Tallinn we're still at.
The shows in Scandinavia are done and it was really nice.
We'll even be back in Stockholm very soon for some recording sessions for the next album.
Our flight back to Berlin will be leaving in some hours.
In Malmö there was a nice kick off gig, the club was very cool and a lot of bands lick Juliette and the Licks or even Queens of the Stone Age have already played there. In Stockholm I always feel a Pop-Vibe ;) Love to be there.
It was also very exciting to visit Finnland because there's so much music coming from there.
Now I'm looking forward to Milano and Paris. We planned something very special for that two shows and there's a reason to be excited for some surprises! Alors ;)

I'm leaving Estonia today with a great feeling. You gave us a ot of energy and a lot of Adrenaline on stage ;)

There you go for one picture I took backstage at the Nosturi in Helsinki. The hat is belonging to Shin ;)

See you soon again!

PS: Have you already heard of LADY GAGA? She's the new shit!
I fell in love with her since I got a promo copy of "THE FAME" when I was in Paris the last time. Her album is out now! Show your love for Madama Gaga! - feels so retro-sexual!

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