Sunday, November 9, 2008

message from Bizarre Fighters fanclub

So the Bizarre fighters fanclub is setting up a big gift for CB!

Hey lovely people,

..cause there some obscurities, we want to clear this quickly :).

Ok, we..ll take the presents with us and give it to the boys, such as they come to our post office box.

Of course you all can be sure that we won't open your presents. Thats why the appeal to you, write the name for whom the present is on your post directly.

We have the great luck to give the things really face-to-face to the boys, without this condition, we don..t had do this project so.

We have come to know that there are some antis of this project and thats really a pity but its ok, nobody is constrained to join in. But it should not degenerate in defamation to us or the fans who join in the project gladly.
Thank you!!
We thought its a nice idea and a great surprise for Christmas, and also so we can show the boys that the fans really like and support CB.

If you have any questions anyway, you can mail to us all the time.

Your Bizarre Fighters

Dear bizarre people,

We have to think out a very spezial surprise for Cinema Bizarre, at that first of all, you the fans, are in demand. Without you it doesn..t go!
It should become a great big Christmas present action, at that you can (should J) make present the boys.

Thats the way you join in:
Please send us your presents for Yu, Shin, Strify, Kiro, Luminor and Romeo (because we don..t know who is there, so we include both) till 02. December. It would be nice, when you make something by yourself, but all other presents are also great.

We take all these things with us on 27.12. to Hamburg and we..ll surprise the boys with it.

Certainly we document the action for you all, ..cause you should have something therefrom :-).

Please look out for, that you present are not bigger as an large letter, ..cause we have to transport all of this.

Dear Fans from the foreign country, please think of the time, that the letters need to come to Germany. Bring your present to post timely.

And now - "all we need is fantasy"!

your Bizarre Fighters

P.S. Oh and don..t forget to write the name, for who the present is on it.

our adress:

Official CB-Fanclub Bizarre Fighters
Postfach 44
09425 Ehrenfriedersdorf

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