Thursday, November 27, 2008

New blog From Strify!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blog Bizarre 021 - In the lowlight comfort of Berlin streets
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It's blogging time again!

Hope you're doin' fine.
It's getting cold again and I tell you the winter in Berlin is cruel.
Where I grew up winter was pretty different. It was a lot colder than in Berlin - but there were a lot of beautiful days. A lot of snow - but still sunny. We had a lot of nice winters in my childhood.
And now this'll be my second winter in Berlin. It's always kind of windy and you can feel the cold creeping up your body and getting into your bones.... anyways... I love Berlin

Do you wanna play?

You have to wait for the TOYZ till spring 2009!

We're going to get in a new process with the Album in December!
Still we are recording and collecting and writing demos. But in December we will start with the real recording! There are already some songs settled for the record and still we are trying to figure out which songs will make it on the album and which not. We are having so many good songs right now that it'll be hard to throw some away. But my favourites will be on "TOYZ" for sure!
Hm, we're having two different directions on the album: Some songs are very danceable and some are very rocky. You know I'm a club kid - I love to dance and rock the whole night through
But my favourite song so far is a ballad...
I said enough for now!

Here you go for a picture of mine from the studio.

Make sure you're havin' a good time!

Jack E. Strify

PS: This blog's title is from the newest song from IAMX "Think of England". You can get ot for free on their official homepage. I'm waiting for the album! And by the way: Grace Jones' new album is amazing!

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