Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bulletin Bizarre 51 thanks to CB official Italy forum!

Hello dear Supporter,
CINEMA BIZARRE are now able to let you known , that now all songs for the new album "toyZ “are picked up!!!

The band was very hard-working in the studio and played 20 new Tracks altogether. Now begins the pain of the (end -) choice of which of these songs'll be on "toyZ “.in every case toyZ is going to be an exciting album ;we can promise it to you.

Also for their 1* single's title - that will be announced in the next Newsletter - Cinema Bizarre thought up it . On MCD, it'll be able to be found Bonus-Tracks and further exclusive stuff.

At 21.03. CINEMA BIZARRE 'll present for the first time @ their show in Berlin at SO 36 ,their new single. After the show continues with a Cinema Bizarre DJ set , so after Hamburg and Moscow , also all the fans in the capital will celebrate with them.

greets + stay bizarre

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