Thursday, February 26, 2009

New blog From Yu!

Thursday, February 26, 2009
Goa Goa Current mood: strong
Hey out there~long time no "real" blog hum?great weeks has passed, toyZ will be amazin!!!i think much of u waitin for a pic o my wings but for now i just can show u tha:DUDEFISH

maybe u know i checked out the Berlin Aquarium also there were those pretty seahorsesand a big badass shark grahh ;D

also i had a bad action when i was shoppin around with som friends in berlinsom guys who call themselve punks talked to us bad n followed us (they rly pissed us off)we tried to ignore them but yer...u know they call themselve punks n stuff and they cant stop beein fuckers so they poked us n all this stuffin the end the police handled it (u know we wont hurt them ;D )so this is life for som people? hangin around totally drunken, smokin n hav no job?n they wanna be a punk? when i hear punk i think of somethin else, this is no punk! keep in mind SMOKIN IS NOT COOLn alcohol shud be smth u drink with handle!!!i think out there r too many people who dont think while usin this stuff!take care of urself n ur people around - its ur Life!now enjoy ur eve n dont stalk around alone in dark lanes-red snow 369-Somnus Nemoris for the ears...adorable!

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