Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Kiro interview thanks to Official Kiro United States Support!

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February 10, 2009 - Tuesday

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Hi Everyone!
Thank you to all of you who wrote to me with their questions! Unfortunately, I could not ask Kiro all of them, so I picked out 10 of them, and here are his answers. I hope you like it! : )

1) How would you describe yourself in three words?
Kiro: helpful, tired, nice... I hate it to describe myslef ;D

Do Strify, Shin, Yu or Rom3o have any annoying habits that sometimes
get on your nerves? Do you like to pull pranks on the other guys in the
Kiro: Yes, everybody has it I think, Strify sometimes talks
too much, Romeo sometimes tells us unhappy stories all the time xD and
shin is sometimes too funny!!! ;D

3) Since you are a big fan of horror movies, If you could be in any horror movie, which one would you want to be in?
Of course yes! I have no idea which movie it would be! Something
special, maybe I'd like to be a vampire or a werewolve! ;D

4) Is there a humanitarian cause that you feel very strongly about? (For example: AIDS, cancer, children in Africa, ecology)
It's a big problem in the world! I mean, children in africa, the have
no chance to live a 'normal' life! They can't go to school, have no
food, this is really not fair... It's a big problem in the world!
Everybody should have the same chances in life!

5) When you were a child did your parents give you a lot of freedom to express yourself the way you wanted to be?
Kiro: My mother always has supportet me! And she gave me energy and she helped me a lot! I'm very proud of her!

How do you feel about coming to America and playing concerts for the
first time? What are you most excited about seeing in the US?
Kiro: Everything! I can't wait to see New York, I really want to go shopping there ;D I want to see everything ;D

7) What inspired you to play bass? Do you have any advice for bands that are just starting out?
Kiro: Just follow your dreams, that's everything I can say! Don't give up and believe in yourself and in destiny!

8) Who designs your clothes? Who is your favorite clothing designer?
Kiro: I choose my clothes together from diverse shops! My favourite Designer,... I really like clothes from D&G!!

9) What is your favorite way to wear your hair?
Difficult to say... I like to experement with myself and my hair, I
want it to be different all the time! I hate it when it's all the time
the same...

10) If you weren’t a bass player, what job would you like to have?
Kiro: Something with design! Maybe design clothes ;D

and special thanks to Kiro, for taking the time to answer these questions.

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