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SOURCESunday, March 22, 2009 Questionnaire February 2009 translation
Category: Music Questionnaire February 2009
Translation © eurydike (thanks as always!) & Thanks to Sina and Kiro

What do you think when you hear the word "fun"?
Just do something crazy. Today I went swimming in the pool, that was fun too. *_*

What would you never ever do even if you were being offered a lot of money?
Swim along the Amazonas river!

What was your favourite subject at school and which subject/s were you good at?
I really liked art and PE, German and English a lot! I couldn't stand maths, physics and chemistry though!

What can always be found in your bed (e.g. a cuddly toy, comfort cushion, and so on)?
There's a comfort cushion most of the time, but sometimes also... ;P

Do you like German comedy?

When you have a day off, what do you prefer – a whole day to bum around in bed or a day full of action outside?
on my mood, as soon as it is warm, I really like to spend time outside,
when it's rainy and windy, however, I like to curl up in bed.

Which (interview) question are you tired of?
What my real name is. I'm called Kiro of course!

Do you feel like doing some image editing again? Icons/signatures/wallpapers for fans for example?
Good idea, I would need some help though.

Are you scared of flying?
has really worn off by now, in the beginning, it used to be really bad,
but now I don't really have any problems anymore! Only takeoff and
landing mostly get to me.

What would need to be played at a disco to entice you to hit the dance floor?
What do you think? t.A.T.u. or Lady Gaga!

Are you forgetful?
Not really, but it can of course happen that you forget something now and then. That's only human!

Did you contribute to the lyrics for "toyZ"?
All of us contributed to it, but Strify contributed most to the lyrics!

Do you fancy playing another instrument? If yes, which one and why?
Shin is showing me how to play the drums already! That's really a lot
of fun! And I would also like to know how to play the Keyboard!

Who was the hero/the heroine of your childhood?
I never really had a hero, I always found Vegeta from Dragonball Z cool.

Do you know how to sew?
Not anymore, we used to learn it in primary school, I was pretty good at it!

The best present you got from a fan?
A really nice strap for my bass with my name written on it, that's truly awesome. And a lot more of course...

What domestic work do you sneak out of/what are you exceptionally good at?
I hate ironing, especially ironing shirts is horrid! But I kind of like to cook!

concert of your favourite band takes place several hundred or thousand
kilometers away but it will be the only one for the next two years.
Will you fly there?
Think so.

What do you mostly do when you're bored?
Call my mom!

What's the best about Lady GaGa?
She's a great artist and performer! She's very nice too and friendly and really cool. A real cutie!
------------------- Questionnaire February 2009 translation
Category: Music Questionnaire February 2009
Translation © eurydike (thank you!) & Thanks to Mel and Yu

Are you aware of how incredibly pretty your sister is?
We got all this from our mother.

Is your brother as goodlooking as you?
He's got the hands of a woman. xD

Which questions annoy you most and what kind of questions could you reply to for hours?
When it's always the same questions, it does eventually get annoying, other than that, everything's cool.

Girls at the Oktoberfest: normal party clothes or a nice close-fitting dirndl?
Whatever suits the girl better.

Girls at parties: slightly drunk, stone-cold sober and still in a good mood or dead drunk?
would like to mention at this point that I'm disgusted by girls who get
plastered at parties and let every guy hit on them or are up to do
other things respectively. Everyone should know his limitations.

What do you think when you're told every day how hot your are?
That it's true, at least most of the time. ^^

What does friendship mean to you?
is the most important thing you need in life, aside from breathing and
so on. Without [friendships] life would be totally incomplete.

Why do you say you're stupid? You seem totally smart and well educated.
Sometimes the easiest things are hard for me, but the hard ones easy...a little stupid? ;>

What do you like about tall people?
That they're tall? I don't care how tall somebody is.

What's the advantage of short people?
That they're short.

Did you cry a lot as a child?

Why don't you talk more in interviews?
are not what I'm good at and I prefer to talk when I can be certain
that people will listen. Interviews depend on so many factors and these
don't always match.

If the love of your life couldn't handle your musical career, would you stop?

Are you very jealous?
From time to time.

Do you keep all the presents you get from fans or what else do you do with them?
I keep almost all of them.

Would you wear a necklace a fan gave you even if you have never met the person before?
it doesn't matter if you've met the person or not as long as the
jewellery is nice, however, I prefer to wear my own stuff in order to
not piss anybody off.

Are you looking forward to the concerts in the USA?
We've started touring already now and it's absolutely wicked. <3 USA.

Do you have a genital piercing?
... ;>

Does Romeo live in your shared flat now as well?
Ya, in my room. XD Not enough room~

Are you happy that he's part of Cinema Bizarre too now?
Sure, it's great to get the chance to rock with him on stage.

Do you miss the time when you still lived with your parents sometimes? What exactly?
I often think back to how it was in our big old house with perfect view on many fields/forests and so on, really idyllic.

What domestic work do you loathe most?
Although I'm very neat, I don't really have a clue about cleaning.

What do you actually think of all the questions you're asked here?
As long as it's not always the same questions, it's fun.

What do you think of genital piercings?
As long as you don't go overboard, they're a lot of fun.

Would you dye your hair blond?
had about every hair colour possible already, blond/platinum/white as
well amongst others, however, so many bleaches in one row are no good.

Would you openly stand by your girlfriend, confide [your relationship] to your fans? Or is that too personal?
I'll have to see about that.

Your hot tip against a bad mood?
I'm still looking for that. ^^

Did you ever suffer alcoholic poisoning?
I didn't start drinking before I was 18 anyway and got to know my
limitations pretty quick and know how much I can handle and so on.

What brand of cigarettes did you smoke in the past?
JPS, Lucky Strike & Pink Elephant.

Are there things you're embarrassed about?
Who isn't?

How did you feel when you weren't allowed to eat and drink dairy products after you got your piercings?
I didn't really care because I hardly ever eat/drink dairy products due to my lactose intolerance. -.-

Which song would you love to cover on day?
Leech from the GazettE.

Favourite kind of chocolate?
I'm not a fan of chocolate.

What's your favourite titbit?

Have you ever been to the Oktoberfest?

Do you like to watch porn?
Sometimes, there's simply nothing better on [TV] to watch.

What do you think about S/M?
A little bit of bondage/scraping/biting can be fun. <3

Relationship: Opposites attract or push off?
Both of it always worked for me so far.

What makes you angry?

What do you wear in bed?

Did you ever steal something?
I'm the king of thieves.

What makes you smile?

What are you wearing right now?
Everything and nothing.

What do you think when a fan wants to take a picture together with you?
That she would like to have something to remember.

Can you roll your tongue?

How long do you ponder when you plan a new tattoo?
That varies from one tattoo to the next.

you ever have tattoos removed [lasered] later when you don't like them
anymore or will you stand by the "sins of your youth"?
I stand by my tattoos and don't regret anything.

Do you like to listen to Anime songs/Anime soundtracks?
Sure, without them I wouldn't be here hadn't I heard L'arc en Ciel's Driver's High in GTO. ^^

Hug a tree or dance a name?
A bit of everything.

Do you snore?
Fortunately not.

Your favourite fruit?
love peaches and fruit are great in general, however, I'm allergic to
almost every kind of fruit. =/ Therefore I can only enjoy them

Do you like experienced women?
I don't really mind.

Would you have a problem if your partner were more intelligent than you?
Actually, they always are. XD

What did you dream last night?
Last night, I constantly woke up due to the rocking of the bus and didn't get around to dreaming. =/

What will you do tomorrow?
Rock, like every day.

What shampoo do you use?
I change every time a bottle is empty, John Frieda was last and now I'm using Herbal Essences from America.

What product or what matter would you make an ad for?
Condoms and Vanilla Coke in cans.

If you had the choice: higher IQ or more sex appeal?
Higher IQ wouldn't hurt many people! Enough of them are sexy.

What character trait has been most useful to you so far – and which one did more harm?

What do you choose: Schnitzel or Sushi?

Would you ever let yourself come to blows for a woman?
I already have often enough. ^^

City or village?

Laptop or mobile phone?

Calvin Klein or Armani?
Calvin Klein.

What are you thinking?
D&G shorts are crap.

How do you see yourself in ten years?
Not at all yet.

How's the wheather right now?

How did you come up with the motive for your most recent tattoo?
The wings? I've had the motive ready for several years but didn't get around to having them tattooed before.

Whipped cream or chocolate sauce?
Both sounds like pure calories.

Do you like rain?
I love it! It washes the world clean. ^^

Can you play billard?
I often like to pretend I can!

How do you like the "SAW" films?
Not really worth watching.

Do you prefer blue, green or brown eyes?
Every eye colour can be beautiful, but I still like doe eyes or green eyes best. <3

What's your favourite series?
Certain animes are the best that's on TV. ^^

Do you watch or do you know "Pushing Daisies"?
watch it now and then when there's nothing better to watch, but I don't
really find it interesting, the colours and so on are cool though.

Would you mind if your partner were still a virgin?
I think I would even like it.

How do you like Resident Evil 4 as a game?
I've never been a fan of Resident Evil and never played any of it.

Do you have green fingers or do your plants perish?
I can handle plants well, I once used to work for a florist after all,
but in our apartment in Berlin they perish all the time. <.<

Do you like rats?
Well, they exist, but they're not really cute.

What cheers you up when you're feeling sad?
I don't really know.

Umbrella, hood or getting wet?
Getting wet.

Can you speak French?
One or two words, but nothing more really.

What's your favourite song at the moment?
Ayabie – Hinata.

Have you ever been to a solarium?
Now and then.

Do you think you're a role model for others? If yes, a good one?
I dare say I'm a role model for many people, but I don't really know if a good or a bad one.

Do you know how to ski?
I've never been skiing.

Have you ever been part of a club? If yes, which one?
Taekwon-Do, karate, tennis, soccer.

Did you like school trips when you still went to school?
We've only been on a school trip once at that time and I fortunately cannot remember it anymore. ^^

When did you last go on vacation?
Our tour in America was like a short vacation in the beginning when we had some time in LA.

How would you like to be called if you were a girl?
There are far too many nice girls names. ^^

What compliment do others pay you most often?
"Ur so sexy!"

What do you think romantic?
Laying on the ground somewhere in the outskirts of town underneath a starry sky.

Can you assemble a shelf or other pieces of furniture?

Would you ever want to write a book about you and/or the band?
Would take far too long. XD

What would you never ever do, not even for money?
I will think about it when it occurs.

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