Tuesday, March 24, 2009

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There is no time in my system.
Posted on 24 Mar 2009 by Strify
Berlin 7:20 - Minneapolis 01:20

Since we're travelling around I think time is relative.
Travelling through all the different time zones makes you forget that you might have a sense of time.

We played today in Minneapolis. We're heading to Chicago in a few hours.
Before we got on stage today, GaGa wanted to talk to us. She's such a sweet girl,
she wanted to know how everything is going and how the tour is rollin' for us.
I've also talked a lot to Space Cowboy. Some of you might have read the strange tweets the last days between us. There's something cooking in the kitchen.

I've been to New York City the very first time in my life. I always felt attracted to that city.
And I immediately fell in love when I arrived. I was standing at Time Square in the middle of the night, singin' "My Obsession". And we didn't have any permission to shoot.
I wish I could have seen more of the city. And I'm eager to see the video.
It's like a surprise egg because most of it is improvisational. I have fun shooting the video, as I'm enjoying the chocolate. And I know there's something inside, something to play... a little toy. But I don't know what it is... as I don't know this time how the video is goin' to turn out.

Tomorrow we will also shoot the last scenes for the new video for "My Obsession".
I think a lot of you will be surprised because you are expecting something different.
But we're always up fot the unexpected. I'm very happy with the decision that we changed the first single from "Erase and Replace" to "My Obsession".

I still remember the day very well when we were sittin' in the studio and I had the sentence in my mind "If you want me to listen, whsiper.".
That was the magic line that helped "My Obsession" grow.
I also like to call the song "Fetish"... Everybody has got a fetish... And I think that a person can also be one.

Just some thoughts. Have a nice sleep, day, or whatever.
It depends on which part of the earth you are livin'.

All the love you've got.
Spread the bizarreness.


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Rhebekka said...

wow! To cool! Thanks for stayin' in touch with your fans!

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