Friday, March 6, 2009

Yu Interview With Cinema Bizarre East Cost Support

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Interview With Yu! :D

Hello everyone!
About a week ago, we messaged Yu some questions, and just today he answered us back. We hope you like this little interview.

1. What do you plan on doing when you come to America? Are there any specific places you want to visit?
sure i wanna see all the nice places with history n feel it. i wanna
eat a pan pizza in new york. i wanna see a big party (even i dislike
those things) maybe jam around with som dudes...americas waitin :D

2. Is there anything you are excited to try in the United States such as food or drinks?
see question 1...the pizza ;D but yer also i think theres much stuff i hav to try!

3. Do you have any favorite food or drinks that you tried while touring but can not get in Germany?
for now we didnt had stuff thats not available in germany

4. Are you going to hang out with the fans in the US after the concert like you sometimes do with your fans in Europe?
if we got the time n stuff we surely do ;)

Do you think that while you are in the US that Cinema Bizarre won't do
'things' onstage like they do in Europe? [Your shows are amazing,
please don’t change them. ^0^]
we wont make our show less interestin, only more :D

6. Whose idea was it for Romeo to join the band?
we knew him long time n he was all the time round n also helped us out at som concerts so he was the perfect choice

7. What is the worst thing you have ever done when drunk? ;D
i did crazy things :D the most time i sing in bad english play oldsql guitar riffs n jump round like feelin on stage

8. How often did you have to dye your hair to keep the red so bright? X]
damn its a suck do to all the time xD when i do hairspray into there r
times where i hav to dye it everyday. but i reduced the red so i dont
need that much color cuz its quite expensive with the time

9. What made you decide to get into body modifications [piercings, tattoos, etc.]?
i was veery young like 8 i always scratched my skin with sharpthings n
ink n made kidlike tattoos cuz i like it to make myself more than only
this. the body is like an artwork n u hav the power to create it more
and more!

10. If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what's the last thing you would do?
havin sex, givin the best concert in the world n die with my heart full of honor in a glorius battle

Thanks, Yu, for answering these questions! :D
Hope everyone has an awesome day!
Rachel and Danielle

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