Wednesday, April 15, 2009

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009
-Curse of the Hero-
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hey u crzy pretty people who r that much rawk to read my blog ;D

long time no blog - muuuch business last time so if u wanna get quick info check out our twitter on or

at the moment were just back in berlin, we rly enjoyed the last dayz of the tour muuuch n had som good chats with lady gaga bout the world n everything ;D
i miss our crew n for sure all of u that we met while the fame-ball!
but soon were headin out again to rawk our tour!

btw lemme show u my new lady, vikki got a sis now!

i call her "the red rose"
a damn ESP, how damn i luv these kinds o guits!

Happy Merry Easter to all of u afterwards ;D
i enjoyed a nice n relaxin day with my parents on easter n got a walk in the woods, it frees ur mind from time to time to hav a walk just somwhere n let ur thoughts go...i feel grown up again, also i got myself done with som old memories, its a funny world ^^

last but not least som pics of the usa
rom n me rawkin out chicago

(woo!!...This was taken at the House of Blues)

jesus in the sky with no nailpolish! one of the extremly rare dayz without black nails ;D

(Sounds like he wanted to say "Lucy in the sky with diamondss" hah!)

n just som selfportrait

well~ i hope u all doin good n prepare for toyZ!
we do killer work to get a great show for u for the upcomin gigs!
i wanna see all of u there! Guyz i wanna see u rock ur bones n bang the heads!
Girlz lemme see u shake ur asses!!!
this tour will kick asses with giant boots! ;D

i rly need to get som sleep now, i think i still dont deal with the german timezone but only two days left until were back at L.A. (my fav city in the usa)
Tadahisa here u go, jamsession inc! :>

luv luv luv from Berlin-Germany to all of u ...and u! <3


i still cant get my ears off from D'espairs Ray - Horizon perfect!

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Rhebekka said...

AWESOEM! i love the guitar...i had the two guitars pic up as my profile pix on facebook

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