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Fan Interview translation


The Fan Interview - PART I!

We finally made it!
The first part of our great Cinema Bizarre-INTERVIEWS FAN is now online! Piece by piece the guys are always here to answer questions that we have collected in the forum and you are moving!

We wish - MUCH FUN!
YOUR CREW CB and Cinema Bizarre

Your questions to Cinema Bizarre:

What is the idea to kiss on stage created?

Strify: Sometimes a flat packs simply the passion and you want to adrenaline on the stage with someone sharing

Yu: I had the feeling Kiro could use a little affection :-)

Kiro: things just happen. Moreover kiss me extremely happy; D

Where does the name Cinema Bizarre?

Strify: The word "bizarre" was crucial. Many people look at us and wonder why we are so curious. Most think it is negative. For us, we are normal people on this planet. The word "bizarre" so we want to give a positive meaning. On the Internet, we are on a movie from the 70s pushed the "Cinema Bizarre" was. The words were switched, and our baby had the perfect name. Cinema Bizarre is not only to listen but also to look alike - such as films.

Shin: Cinema represents our interest in films and visual effects. Bizarre us because other people often feel strange.

Yu: In the cinema, the cinema in our heads, and the bizarre world in which we move every day.

Kiro: We are 5 very different characters together and the people we want to offer great cinema! One must 'Bizarre' is also not seen as a negative word, we see it as a positive word.

How are you to your artist name came and what they mean?

Strify: Yu gave me my name. He has me by a character named "Cloud Strife" from "Final Fantasy" feel and reminds me of that time "Strify referred.

Shin: My name comes from friends who thought I had a small similarity with Shinya (Japanese plays in a band).

Yu: My name has had various forms of development. One was one of my favorite mangaka Yukiru Sugisaki, there was also some manga / anime characters with the name of Yuki, which is always best to me have passed. From Yuki Yukiru or later simply Yu reasons of style.

Kiro: My name comes from Strify's plush monkeys, the Siro is, and this was then 'Kiro' converted!

How did Luminor exit? Are there any contact between Luminor and the band?

Strify: Luminor was always a loner and has needed more space than he himself thought. That is to beat his mind and he's become ill. To return to find his way, he decided to leave the band.

Kiro: Luminor was very bad! We hope it goes better soon! Yes, we have now and Konakt!

Shin: For health reasons he had left the band! Now and then we still have contact with him.

Yu: It was with itself apparently not quite aware, I hope he's right!

How is Romeo after Luminor Cinema Bizarre exit to come?

Yu: Romeo was from the beginning always somehow in the process because it is a good friend of mine is. He could play our songs and has already helped so many times at concerts. He is the best choice!

Kiro: Romeo We knew a long time, he is a very good friend of Yu been and that is why we have to know him! If there were problems, he has helped us and now we are glad that he is in the band!

Is it true that Luminor to new musical works projects?

Strify: I do not know, but if so, I wish him good luck.

Kiro: I am not infomiert! I wish him all the cases to the best of luck on his other ways!

Are there moments where Cinema Bizarre fear their fans? What are these situations?

Strify: I never was afraid. Not before a person. However, if one sits in a car and is surrounded by people, all to a ranwollen, it may already be a little intimidating.

Yu: Sowas there are always. For example, if we are not using a bus once more through the crowd, because fans are everywhere. That is one really cool, but one wonders also what probably would happen if all the while on the bus would come.

Kiro: Sometimes it's just so strange to be angehimmelt and sometimes it is not easy because the people do not really know! But I would not be 'afraid' means!

In what situations are you so annoyed?

Strify: If we are only an hour break to have lunch between interviews and me in a total IT hotel my salad, even the totally overpriced, because the hotel is so announced, is not placed and then the hour has passed when finally comes the salad - THEN you can say that I'm slightly annoyed.

Shin: If I do not have time to build up my drums.

Yu: If before a concert soundcheck too brief, the settings and simply do not hinhauen something ... If you just before a concert in trouble, it always exists.

Kiro: Kommt drauf whole, if so, forgive me in my room or am simply just own!

Their dispute, even if her on tour are underway and what?

Strify: When so much is each other, you sometimes want to just be alone. But once all are gone, they are also missing again.

Shin: Big controversy, there was never before! We are like a family on tour.

Yu: Of course, for example, that the boys often pick their things could be.

Kiro: Not really dispute. We are a small family, and of course there are sometimes one or the other conflict, but now is not significant!

Who stylt lipstick and the guys on the stage or make it yourself?

Strify: For each concert, we have until now even geschminkt.

Romeo: Especially on tour, we usually own the makeup on.

Shin: I always look like this! ;-)

Yu: We styling and make up ourselves, Kiro makes me but mostly my hair on the back to cope because I unfortunately do not have eyes in the neck.

Kiro: We are so in the morning! D No, of course, we make everything themselves, except for special events such as Video shoot or photo shoots. Here we have visagists spot!

What education or training did you really?

Strify: I have the school canceled and no training. I had earlier and at smaller jobs

Shin: I was at a comprehensive school, but I've studied so far nothing.

Romeo: Realschule, training as a clerk, several. Advanced Training in Wirschaftsbereich, then another year of school ... etc.

Yu: I was at a middling school and had then started middling masseur to be, because otherwise I did not have much choice. But a bit clever, I am sometimes.

Kiro: I'm at a vocational school for economy went there and did my graduation in the specialized field of training!
What is actually your real name?

Strify: Jack Strify

Shin: SHIN

Yu: My real name is ... (Ätsch will not tell!)

Why are "Spaceman" and "The Other People" never appeared on an album?

Strify: Because "The Other People" is just as good on the "Escape to the Stars" single has made.

Yu: Because Singles affection need

Kiro: We could not all the songs on the album and have decided it as bonus tracks on eg Singles on the packing and Special Editions!

Its five müsstet yes post soon receive from the Army - How will you decide: Bundeswehr or volunteer?

Strify: I have no time for anything either. Or do you want one years to completely abandon the band?

Romeo: ZIVI - I've been behind me: Inner Station in a hospital.

Shin: Band!

Yu: It's both not so my thing!

How do Strify, Kiro and Yu in the morning in the bathroom does not get in the way to come. Do you have a race plan or something similar?

Strify: Perfect timing. Does everything intuitively.

Shin: The run only in the way when time pressure is!

Yu: The early worm is eaten by birds.

Kiro: That everything runs super; D

Wait times you have really drunk and for what occasion?

Strify: Certainly not once and not only for New Year's Eve.

Romeo: True hit twice in my life. That is quite a few years ago. This is an experience that you should not do better. Fingers away from excessive Alk enjoyment !!!!!

Yu: Actually very little ...

Kiro: Interrogates prefer not to ... D

Could you imagine a beauty operation times to make?

Strify: If everything in limits, I have nothing against OPs. But me personally, I have until now not thought about.

Romeo: Honestly, no idea ...

Shin: maybe in 50 years

Yu: Now is not yet

Kiro: No, not yet! But yes you should never 'never' say!

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