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Interview with Romeo from "All Stars" Russian Magazine

Interview Romeo for “All Stars” Russian magazine !
The keyboarder of Cinema Bizarre Rom3o was born in German town Hahenburg on the 4th of August in 1988. He was fond of music since his childhood. Played in different groups. In autumn last year, after Luminor’s leaving, he began to play in Cinema Bizarre and gave a concert in Russia. And then he became the constant member of the group.

What do you remember most of all from the tour in Russia, except the transit from Krasnodar to Moscow?
- (Laughing). Yeah, the trip was great: 25 hours in the train. But if seriously, I remember a very good food.

What was your first reaction, when you learnt about the tour with Lady GaGa in America?
- I didn’t believe in it. Sometimes now it seems to me that all this was just a dream.

What was your brightest impression from America?
- I won’t answer this question, because it’s very private…

You are not a newcomer in music. Where did you happen to play before Cinema Bizarre?
- I sang and played in groups, which worked in different music styles, such as: Ska- Punk, Cover-Rock, Tyrone Jackson in the Musical Fame (played in Germany, Ireland, France), Emo-Progressive, Emocore, Screamo, Progressive. Then there was another project, which I left for Cinema Bizarre. Now I am the happy rocker with the keyboard in this awesome band.

Did the work with Cinema Bizarre change something in your life or may be in you yourself?
- Too many. I can’t describe it in several words, but I am happy to be in this group.

What does it mean to you to be a part of Cinema Bizarre?
- Spend 24 hours a day with the best friends!

You and Yu are old friends…
-Yes, and we always have something to remember.

The friends for you is….?
- Without friends I am nothing, they are always in my heart. There is a very good expression: true friends are more valuable than diamond.

What are your most favorite songs from another groups?
- “Wait For Tomorrow” by Blessthefall and “The Crimson” by another American group Atreyu

What is your favorite music direction ?
- Screamo.

What do you think about fans, who come from different countries only to see your concerts?
- It’s amazing! I love such people for that what they do.

What kind of people you don’t like at all?
- Assholes!

Without what can’t you imagine your life?
- Without music, of course!

Would you like for one day to get an opportunity to read thoughts of other people?
- It’s not so interesting what they have in their heads, much more interesting that, what they have in their hearts!

Can you describe yourself in several words?
- I’m great organizer, open, true friend. I think, I am not silly and very creative. Also, I can’t bear injustice at all.

The last question: can you say something or wish to your Russian fans and readers of “All Stars” magazine?
- You showed me that you love me and still keep on doing it. I am happy and want to say: thank you very much! See you soon and I hope, that you will show me some other sights of Russia, about which I don’t know yet!

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