Friday, May 1, 2009


In English translation:

To all the confusion to clear the road, here is a clarification to information from publications g "My Obsession" and "Toyz" by Strify itself

MY OBSESSION G publications

I would like on behalf of the entire band at the confusion surrounding the publication of g single and album apologize.
For the pressing g and publications of the album is the record company, and the error lies with Universal Music.
Also Band Internally, we have only very late by the recurrence of publications grams shady learn.

I understand if its sour, disappointed or just confused you.
Since yesterday I have officially given the data that definitely
MY OBSESSION on 12 JUNE appears
Toyz on 26 JUNE.

We hope we have you in anticipation and the wait is not spoiled.
I look forward to Toyz and the upcoming concerts

The album and single are both available in two versions available.

Dear greetings from Berlin and apology

Jack E. Strify

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