Thursday, June 5, 2008


Blog Bizarre N° 12 - Just poppin’ bye!

Howdy out there! (Echo: Howdy.owdy.owdy)
Can you hear me? I hope so ;)

Yeah! During the last days we've been home in Berlin again after spending some time in the studio and doing some promotion for the first album. It's pretty crazy, promoting the first record and starting to plan the second. Don't want to tell too much for now but I have so many ideas in my mind.
And it's so great to travel around the world, promoting FINAL ATTRACTION and giving concerts. It's an amazing thing that we have the oppurtunity that our debut album is released in about 14 countries. I wouldn't have thought that one year ago. One year ago we just moved to Berlin because everthing was in the raising blocks.
There were no magazines, no TV - just the internet. And still I try to keep that myspace thing going. Though it's hard because I receive hundreds of mails each day and I have other things to do as well. Nyeah! Hope you're doin' right, bitches! Sorry for that... You shouldn't take that personally. That's just me. I call even Kiro a bitch all the time ;)
Yeah... as you see I'm doin' fine too. Took some pictues for you today. I was dressed up all 80s with a neo pink shirt, a belt with strify letters and a star necklace! That's my summer look I guess ;)

Hope you like the pictures.
See you very soon ;)

80s rule!


PS: Because of the party in July. I'm lookin forward to it. But not to let it end in a total chaos and not to disappoint you, I just wanted to say, that it's true that we will be there and you can see us but we will just be there for a while as DJs. <3

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