Saturday, February 28, 2009

Message from Cinema Bizarre

Hello everybody!

From now on you are going to hear some snippets of the new album "toyZ" during the next weeks!

Today we are staring with the finished version of a song from which you might have already heard a little demo.

"It's a crazy world and all we can do is be a little crazy to save today.

Why don't you tell us in the forum what you feel about that quote!

So go ahead and keep the glitter alive!


Friday, February 27, 2009

Twitter Strify

*fixed that..hopefully it'll show up now.

New blog from Romeo and Yu

Friday, February 27, 2009 up2date Current mood: accomplished awesom days incomin guys ;)kept u waitin long - these r my wings(dont mind the little parts that look strange, still healin)also we visited the coiffeur, lets see:with a sidecut now its mor comfortable, the 2009 style! ;>rock on <3-yu-

Friday, February 27, 2009
2,6 .... is very small in the moment ... Current mood: giggly
(left and right)now i ve to wait some weeks until i can make the next step ;D Yu , Kiro and me ve visited the coiffeur .. nice day ;D oh and have you checked -Romeo-Listen to > Boy sets fire - with - rookie


If you are like me and do not know what a coiffeur's a male hair dresser. =P

Thursday, February 26, 2009

New blog From Yu!

Thursday, February 26, 2009
Goa Goa Current mood: strong
Hey out there~long time no "real" blog hum?great weeks has passed, toyZ will be amazin!!!i think much of u waitin for a pic o my wings but for now i just can show u tha:DUDEFISH

maybe u know i checked out the Berlin Aquarium also there were those pretty seahorsesand a big badass shark grahh ;D

also i had a bad action when i was shoppin around with som friends in berlinsom guys who call themselve punks talked to us bad n followed us (they rly pissed us off)we tried to ignore them but yer...u know they call themselve punks n stuff and they cant stop beein fuckers so they poked us n all this stuffin the end the police handled it (u know we wont hurt them ;D )so this is life for som people? hangin around totally drunken, smokin n hav no job?n they wanna be a punk? when i hear punk i think of somethin else, this is no punk! keep in mind SMOKIN IS NOT COOLn alcohol shud be smth u drink with handle!!!i think out there r too many people who dont think while usin this stuff!take care of urself n ur people around - its ur Life!now enjoy ur eve n dont stalk around alone in dark lanes-red snow 369-Somnus Nemoris for the ears...adorable!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Blog From Yu via myspace

Tuesday, February 24, 2009
Bzzzz on Buzznet! Current mood: handsome
Check out Buzznet wont regret it ;D...hav u checked today?get into the community :Dyu


05/07/2009 - AUSTRIA / VIENNA / SZENE
06/07/2009 - AUSTRIA / GRAZ / ORPHEUM

Sunday, February 22, 2009

if you haven't gotten a reply from Shin, this is why:

Feb 22, 2009 5:00 PM
f a i l
I'm very sorry for my fail!!!!!!!!! 'I answer all mails bla bla'We work hard on new things for you and its to hard for me to answer you when I don't have much time for it.hate shin and stay bizarre!

via myspace

if you haven't gotten a reply from Shin, this is whyP:

Friday, February 20, 2009


Some great new photos from the Hamburg X-Mas show have been added onto CB's main site!
Find more here

New single!/Bulletin Bizarre

So from CB's new official bulletin they have announced that they're first single from "Toyz" will be "Erase and Replace". It'll be out on May 1st.

Official Tour Dates for Toyz Tour:
09 Berlin SO36
09 Los Angeles The Knitting Factory
09 New York Highline Ballroom
09 Effenaar Eindhoven
09 Melweg Amsterdam

Vote vote vote!

ALL MUSIC.. Playlist :
MC Radio Chart!:

IT :
^Links thanks to CB Official E team!


So if you haven't already seen has a new look! There is also a new type of forum which is really cool! They've got a unique new system going in the site! Check it out! =]

Thursday, February 19, 2009

More interviews from "The way we are" (CB argentina support)



~What do you know about Argentina? would you like to come here to visit?
(made by Luisina)
Kiro: Not very much I think... I don't want to blame myself ;D but i really want to come there ;D

~Would you like to learn to dance the tango? (made by Valentina)
Kiro: Of course, why not? ;D

~Do you know speak or some phrases in spanish? (made by Ana Paula)
Kiro: No, sorry xD

~What you like and what you hate in yourself? (made by Justina)
Kiro: My mood sometimes changes very fastly, it's not that good, but I think I'm a nice person ^^

~And what do you like and hate about the other guys? (made by Justina)
Kiro: Too much to talk about xDDDDDDDD

~What would you like to study if you weren't a musician? (made by Graciela)
Kiro: Arts, Design, fashion, languages

~What is the song that is always playing in your iPod?(made by Laureano)
Kiro: A lot, I listen to a lot at the moment!

~If you had the opportunity to choose how to call you since you were born... what would be your name? (first and last name) (made by Santiago)
Kiro: I don't know,... really!

~What would be the perfect place to go on holidays? (made by Maria)
Kiro: SOmewhere with beach and sun and the sea ;D would be great!

~If you met with a genius and he grant you 3 wishes... what would they be?
Kiro: I want summer now, a big steak and a long great life!

~What was your first pet? (made by Marina)
Kiro: A dog ;D

~Who could interpret it to you in a movie version of your life? (made by Luisina)
Kiro: I really don't know, let's wait a few years and then let's see!

~If you could exchange with a person in the world, who would it be? (made by Sebastian)
Kiro: Yulia Volkova xD

~Do you have nicknames for the other guys? (made by Graciela)
Kiro: No

~What was the most crazy thing that made a fan to see you? (made by Laureano)
A lot people made so nice things to see me, I can't name one thing, I
have so much nice fans and I really thank them for everything!

~Complete the sentence: "When I was 15 years old I was a little boy with black and red hair xD" (made by Maria)




~What do you know about Argentina? would you like to come here to visit?
I Think Argentina is very interrsting i heard much of argentina :D

~Would you like to learn to dance the tango?
maybe when I'm old xD

~Do you know speak or some phrases in spanish?
no not yet xD

~What you like and what you hate in yourself?

~And what do you like and hate about the other guys?
I love them :D

~What would you like to study if you weren't a musician?
good question!

~What is the song that is always playing in your iPod?
New songs from TOYZ

~If you had the opportunity to choose how to call you since you were born... what would be your name? (first and last name)
Shin Bizarre xD

~What would be the perfect place to go on holidays?
a place with much sun and sand :D

~If you met with a genius and he grant you 3 wishes... what would they be?
I'm happy I don't need wishes
but I wish my friends and fans a good and happy life :D

~What was your first pet?
a cat :D

~You're a romantic guy? ^^
yes i think ^^


They have more interviews on their myspace ....add them!! =]


A great interview with Strify conducted by "The way we are" (a CB Argentina Support)

source here

Hallo bizarre people!!!! ^^
Here we're again!! ;D with the little interview to Strify!!! yeeeahh!! ^-^
I have to say he's a veeery nice person!!! sooo lovely!! and a super Lady Gaga's fan!!! xDDD he's the best singer in the history!! OF COURSE!! :D thanks a lot to him for his sweety words and all his love!!! <333
Here you have... :>

~What do you know about Argentina? would you like to come here to visit? (made by Luisina) I just know a ittle bit because of the movie Evita. Movies and music are spreading culture I guess.

~Would you like to learn to dance the tango? (made by Valentina)
I would like to learn dancing at all! I'm not a good dancer.

~Do you know speak or some phrases in spanish? (made by Ana Paula)
had Spanish in school. The only sentence I remember is "Roberto es un
chico tranquillo y sympatico" and "Me llamo Strify, como te llamas?"

~What you like and what you hate in yourself? (made by Justina)
Ah nobody's perfect but everyone's good at hiding it :)

~And what do you like and hate about the other guys? (made by Justina)
They are great! And sometimes you need to argue to see the positive things again.

~What would you like to study if you weren't a musician? (made by Graciela)
Psychology or Art.

~What is the song that is always playing in your iPod?(made by Laureano)
Right now? Lady GaGa.

~If you had the opportunity to choose how to call you since you were born... what would be your name? (first and last name) (made by Santiago)
Jack Strify for sure.

~What would be the perfect place to go on holidays? (made by Maria)
the maledives

~If you met with a genius and he grant you 3 wishes... what would they be?
neverending creativity, cookies and a bunch of more wishes

~What was your first pet? (made by Marina)
a bunny

~Who could interpret it to you in a movie version of your life? (made by Luisina)
nobody yet. still writing my own story.

~If you could exchange with a person in the world, who would it be? (made by Sebastian)
i want to be me and no one else.

~Do you have nicknames for the other guys? (made by Graciela)
shin is shinderella

~What was the most crazy thing that made a fan to see you? (made by Laureano)
can't remember right now. so i guess it wasn crazy enough

~Complete the sentence: "When I was 15 years old I was___________" (made by Maria)
5 years younger than today.

Cinema Bizarre on Buzznet and Musicpix

Info/source credit <-----

Buzznet account

Musicpix article

^They need to mention that Romeo is in the band. <_<


CB and Lady Gaga have met according to Cherry Tree Records Twitter? Sounds awesome! Maybe there will be photos..or any more info! =]


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

few updates

So if you have not heard, hot topic ( is releasing an limited edition CB EP with two songs. Those songs will be lovesongs (they kill me) and escape to the stars.


Strify has designed the new Youtube layout of CB. Here

Toyz in America? I'm not sure..I couldn't tell you a proper answer. If the album is released before the end of April, MAYBE they will bring a few copies over to the U.S. to sell at concerts. I wonder if they can even legally do that? Idk..just a thought. =]

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Strify Twitter

What are these dolls called again?

New Yu Inteview thanks to the official Latvian support!


Russian hats are taking over!

Madonna Vs. Strify!

(Strify photo taken by [x]Black-Kiiss[X])

Twitter Kiro

cinemabizarre Is very happy at the moment and reading 'Breaking Dawn' ;D Now, I'm enjoying a hot cappucino *_* cheers! -Kiro-

^ He is joining the dark side. XDDDD

I'm j/k around though..I don't hate this series lol.

More Tour Dates!

09 - NL, Eindhoven - Effenaar
tickets: http://www. effenaar. nl/eventphp?e_id=1308

09 - NL, Amsterdam - Melkweg
tickets: http://www. melkweg. nl

New facebook page for CB

So Cinema Bizarre have created an official fan page on Facebook.

Also if you have not seen..Romeo and Yu have posted little Valentine's day messages on their myspace blogs!

Friday, February 13, 2009


10th July @ Eindhoven
11th July @ Amsterdam

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bulletin Bizarre 51 thanks to CB official Italy forum!

Hello dear Supporter,
CINEMA BIZARRE are now able to let you known , that now all songs for the new album "toyZ “are picked up!!!

The band was very hard-working in the studio and played 20 new Tracks altogether. Now begins the pain of the (end -) choice of which of these songs'll be on "toyZ “.in every case toyZ is going to be an exciting album ;we can promise it to you.

Also for their 1* single's title - that will be announced in the next Newsletter - Cinema Bizarre thought up it . On MCD, it'll be able to be found Bonus-Tracks and further exclusive stuff.

At 21.03. CINEMA BIZARRE 'll present for the first time @ their show in Berlin at SO 36 ,their new single. After the show continues with a Cinema Bizarre DJ set , so after Hamburg and Moscow , also all the fans in the capital will celebrate with them.

greets + stay bizarre

You asked, Romeo answered! =]

Since so many of you are interested about CB's newest member..we have an interview! =]

I'd like to thank Romeo for taking time out to answer these fan questions! ^^ These are what several fans around the world asked:

What are your feelings about Cinema Bizarre and your fans? And do you like to do all those stuffs that you must do when you are in a band (interviews, photoshooting and so on...)?
Yeah ;D I '*#+#+# Love it ;D

Which American show are you most excited for and why... L.A or NYC??? Both ;D its *.* unbelievable

What was it like joining Cinema Bizarre last year and performing with them? Everything started with a great time together !

I know that you like to make us discover songs and bands on Myspace. In the future, would you like to try to become a producer or manager?
;D In the moment I dont think about that ;D
I like good music and my place is the Stage ;D

How many tattoos have you on your whole body ? And did you ever you made one on the whim? (Just because you wanted to have a new tatoo right now )
In the moment 6 ;D No i love my tattoos!

What is your most beautiful recollection of one of the concerts you 've been? I mean concerts of other artists of course!! ; D
I ve seen an unfogettable concert 2005 Tste of Chaos Tour in Cologne ( live music hall)
"The Used, Story of the year, Rise Against, Killswitch Engage,Funeral for a Friend" ..... What a show ... *.*

What is the biggest challenge for you right now being "new" and what is your favorite CB song??
;D I love it its no challenge ;D One of our new ones ;D haha ;D but i hush

who is your biggest influences when it comes to eithor bands, art, poetry ect.. who or what do you respect the most and why??
My life and the music i am listening.

How would you feel if Cinema Bizarre had songs in German? Do you think it would sound as well as the English ones?

In german i dont know... i love english !

If you were not a musician now, what do you think you would be doing?
I am and i allways wanna be ;D there is no "were not" ;D

Do you write lyrics? If so, what kind of things do you enjoy writing about?
I do ... i ve done and i ll do... i write about my life, experience, love and political stuff... .

..the most cliche :O) : If you were stuck on a island and could only have 3 things (people count as well) what would it be? a satelitetelephone, a guitar , a cape

A message to the U.S. fans?

Allways listen to your heart

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

hey hey CB fans!

Check this out!

Total assault promotion

Info thanks to Cinema Bizarre American Support!

So Cinema Bizarre are now on Total Assault. Here you can choose to be an e-team memeber and honestly I'm still trying to figure out how this all works and WHY exactly they need your address/more info so you can join. O.o

edit: For promotion items and etc.

But! They do have a cool video up which is kind of a follow up for the release of Final Attraction here in the U.S. I assume? No Romeo in it was probably made a while ago.

To see click here

Romeo Interview Questions!

So Romeo was really nice to allow us to conduct a fan interview with him! I'll be sending in about 10-15 questions, but it'll be up to him on how many he will want to answer.

To ask a question..leave a comment here! =] OR send a message to

Piano notes for LS and FON thanks to

original source here
However, I'm not entirely sure who wrote out these notes and how accurate they are! Hopefully, they are! =]

In thumbnails:


Forever or Never

New Kiro interview thanks to Official Kiro United States Support!

Original source here

February 10, 2009 - Tuesday

Current mood: happy

Hi Everyone!
Thank you to all of you who wrote to me with their questions! Unfortunately, I could not ask Kiro all of them, so I picked out 10 of them, and here are his answers. I hope you like it! : )

1) How would you describe yourself in three words?
Kiro: helpful, tired, nice... I hate it to describe myslef ;D

Do Strify, Shin, Yu or Rom3o have any annoying habits that sometimes
get on your nerves? Do you like to pull pranks on the other guys in the
Kiro: Yes, everybody has it I think, Strify sometimes talks
too much, Romeo sometimes tells us unhappy stories all the time xD and
shin is sometimes too funny!!! ;D

3) Since you are a big fan of horror movies, If you could be in any horror movie, which one would you want to be in?
Of course yes! I have no idea which movie it would be! Something
special, maybe I'd like to be a vampire or a werewolve! ;D

4) Is there a humanitarian cause that you feel very strongly about? (For example: AIDS, cancer, children in Africa, ecology)
It's a big problem in the world! I mean, children in africa, the have
no chance to live a 'normal' life! They can't go to school, have no
food, this is really not fair... It's a big problem in the world!
Everybody should have the same chances in life!

5) When you were a child did your parents give you a lot of freedom to express yourself the way you wanted to be?
Kiro: My mother always has supportet me! And she gave me energy and she helped me a lot! I'm very proud of her!

How do you feel about coming to America and playing concerts for the
first time? What are you most excited about seeing in the US?
Kiro: Everything! I can't wait to see New York, I really want to go shopping there ;D I want to see everything ;D

7) What inspired you to play bass? Do you have any advice for bands that are just starting out?
Kiro: Just follow your dreams, that's everything I can say! Don't give up and believe in yourself and in destiny!

8) Who designs your clothes? Who is your favorite clothing designer?
Kiro: I choose my clothes together from diverse shops! My favourite Designer,... I really like clothes from D&G!!

9) What is your favorite way to wear your hair?
Difficult to say... I like to experement with myself and my hair, I
want it to be different all the time! I hate it when it's all the time
the same...

10) If you weren’t a bass player, what job would you like to have?
Kiro: Something with design! Maybe design clothes ;D

and special thanks to Kiro, for taking the time to answer these questions.





I love having no school/work on Tuesdays!

New blog from Strify via myspace!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

TOYZ 2009.02 - 90% T.O.Y.Z.

"My dearest friend if you don't mind,
I'd like to join you by your side."
(Jack Skellington)

It's been a while since my last blog and it's quite rare that I'm online in MySpace.
But the album takes some time and I had so many other things on my mind.
But since a few weeks we have got a twitter account.
So if you always want to stay in contact with us and if you want to know what we're doing, just follow us on

I think you could say the album is finished 90%.
We've already started with artwork and we will bring in some pop art elements.
The cover is also almost finished and during the next weeks there are some big news waiting for you as the official "TOYZ" cover as well as the track list.
We've done about 20 songs and need to decide now which will make it on the album. Pretty exciting! And I can't wait to let you hear what we've been working on the last 6 months and escpecially play the songs in front of you on the upcoming tour. Haven't decided a tour title yet.

To cut the waiting time shorter for you, I'm going to tell you something about some songs.
We started with writing in August and it took us a few months. The production began two months ago. A lot of the vocals recorded for the demos were that good that we kept them for the album.
Some of the first recorded songs are called "Je ne regrette rien" and "Fetish (My Obsession)" and I really love them. The lyrics of "Je ne regrette rien" are almost like a poem and some kind of bittersweet. It's about the depth of a personality and the many side a person can have. And even if you make mistakes you shouldn't just delete them. Even if you fail you shouldn't regret.
"Fetish (My Obsession)" is such a powerful and emotional ballad. We didn't intend to write any songs that day. I was just in the studio to record some demos. But I told them about my idea and it was just some kind of magic. There was a wonderful piano in the room and it just happened!
And you feel the magic in the song for sure.
I have written the lyrics for "Tears in Vegas" with Michelle Leonard while I was staying at her house in Cologne. We had a wonderful evening with some great wine and talked about so many things that evening. The song turned out to be as some kind of Theme song for the "TOYZ" album. It's about trying to figure out if there is any masterplan for life and who makes the rules.
We are showing and introverted side as well as an extroverted.
We can be sweet as candy and cruel as a winter storm.

"I am Jackyll when I'm Hide.
I'm a demon locked inside.
I am restless when I sleep.
I'm the beauty and the beast..."
(Je ne regrette rien)

I guess I haven't said enough to please you.
But sometimes it's better when some desires are left unsatisfied.

See you soon,

Jack E. Strify


"Je ne regrette rien"

Is that French or German? O.o XD

Cherry Tree Records Twitter

So on CherryTreeRec twitter they have just announced for sure that they will be releasing a limited-edition Cinema Bizarre EP via Hot Topic. They also mentioned something about t-shirts, but I am not sure if they meant CB ones or CT ones.

Definitely going to invest in this EP even though it'll probably make it my 3rd edition of FA. XD

Monday, February 9, 2009

message from shin via myspace

Simple message but:

Feb 9, 2009 6:46 PM
Body: thx


That is referring to the messages he said he would answer from fans that was a few days ago at a certain time. One could imagine he got probably hundreds maybe even a thousand messages so don't be surprised if it takes him a while to respond.


I believe that if there is too much messages of something..the others get deleted don't they? Even if it is unread.... ?

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Ok so maybe this is like the third? time I'm making a blog about this but seriously

if you do not have a twitter account should really make one! Cinema Bizarre really keep the fans updated there! =]

If you don't want to make one due to privacy not fear..twitter provides several privacy options and you do not have to worry about popping up on google or something. XD

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Strify photo and Yu's new tat!


) Admission from 16 years to 0:00 clock without restrictions
) Admission from 16 years after 0:00 clock just me, "Educational Transfer", the appropriate adult and identity of the persons concerned (for U16 student ID)
) Admission from 14 years to me only "education transfer, the appropriate adult and identity of the persons concerned (for U16 student ID)

The transfer of education you will find eg at www. zettel party. de for download. (Direct Link -.
pdf file>>>)
Such education shall be made by the parents of the young people filled out and registered there by the adult at the inlet are presented with.


I am pretty sure messed a few things up. I think this deals with curfew of kids and about bringing ids. Maybe some after party? Idk.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

English CB Support translation of Rockon!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Rockoon #02 (February 2009) Translation
Category: Music

Rockoon #02 (February 2009)
Translation © eurydike, thanks as always!

Their new album is eagerly anticipated. In this issue, the four friendly boys tell us what they did other than working at the studio. Furthermore, they give a little review of last year as well as...

Rockoon: What was our New Year's Eve like? What did you do?
Strify: Some scenes: I chucked champagne in a female friend's face, tossed my hair about like the girls in films or music videos do, we sang ABBA, chopped shirts up in order to make Chippendales collars, were at a club where my favourite drag queen worked as DJane for the night, and eventually, we went to sleep...
Kiro: We had a really cool party at a good friend's place and moved on to a club afterwards! It's always a highlight to celebrate New Year's Eve in Berlin, I think; it's just breathtakingly beautiful!
Yu: I was at my parents' together with friends and Romeo, I had quite a bad cold ever since my birthday though which forced me to stay in bed the whole day. At midnight, I looked at the fireworks for a moment, but wasn't really capable of doing anything more. (laughs)
Shin: I spent New Year's Eve together with Strify and Kiro and very good friends for the first time. Celebrating New Year's Eve with them was really fun. Because I don't like firecrackers and rockets, I did without setting off fireworks yet another time!

And what was January 1st like?
Yu: More or less the same as December 31st. However, I was as fit as a fiddle again on January 2nd and went to do some serious shopping and spent a lot of time with my friends and Romeo.
Strify: I think it wasn't much different than the 2nd and the 3rd – probably apart from sleeping a bit more because I didn't end up in bed before sometime in the morning.
Kiro: Erm...I recovered from the night before so to say. (laughs)
Shin: Sleeping late...and waking up sometime to realise that it's January 2nd already.

And in addition to certainly cool things you wish for: What are your great plans for the year 2009 – other than finishing the new album and playing numerous concerts?
Strify: Alas, I will start from scratch... The ultimate goal is to make a little bit of Pop history and to leave a mark. I think, 2009 is a nice start for this. Moreover, Cinema Bizarre's territory will be a little broadened. (grins)
Shin: I will beat the drums into my brain and straighten my hair to death with my straightener even more. (laughs)
Yu: I am, once again, aiming high and will, as in 2008, hopefully be able to make it all.
Kiro: All I want is to enjoy this year! Travel many places and have tons of fun!

And what was the best Christmas present you got?
Yu: A wonderful evening...
Shin: A new suitcase because we will be out and about again soon, and I can sit on this suitcase and roll around on the airport. (grins)
Strify: Actually, this year I was glad that Christmas was over so soon. Hm, but a present from a fan in Florence was unique indeed. A little sculpture made of plastic that had been professionally painted and looked like I. Now I can finally play with myself. (laughs)
Kiro: I was happy about everything! What I always like in particular is to get to spend time with my family and to enjoy the delicious food!

Let's talk some more about last year: What person left the greatest impact on you?
Strify: Lady GaGa. I got a demo version of her album in Paris in June and fell in love at once. The album is great and she's an incredibly talented woman. Then, when I first spotted the video to Just Dance, it swept me off my feet. I'm sure Lady GaGa will make it big, and a collaboration of her and Cinema Bizarre is a dream that had already formed in 2008. (grins)
Yu: -miyavi-.
Kiro: That's something I cannot answer or, rather, there were so many people who impressed me! I cannot give a specific name! I find Lady GaGa very interesting, for example, she makes great music!
Shin: That's a difficult question... We met so many interesting persons, I cannot really tie myself down.

And who would you call the dork of the year 2008?
Yu: Amy Winehouse?
Kiro: There are quite a few dorks! But I cannot think of anybody off the top of my head!
Shin: Shin. (laughs)
Strify: Definitely Sarah Palin. If even a person like I, who is non-political and therefore setting a bad example, realises the lack of know how of this woman who wanted to accept such important office, it's beyond question who the dork is. What I've got to hand to her though: She was really entertaining.

What was your film of the year?
Kiro: Amongst others, I found the film Blindness well worth seeing!
Shin: WALL-E! I've been at the cinema a lot this year, but somehow I forgot about most of the films...
Yu: Wanted, amazing film, great scenes, good message and as if it had been made for a man. (laughs)
Strify: Most Hollywood blockbusters you get to see are only made for the big screen. Of the films I saw at the cinema, Batman – The Dark Knight was one to leave a lasting impression on me, surely also due to the Heath Ledger-myth surrounding this film.

Actress of the year?
Yu: Angelina Jolie.
Strify: I'm a big fan of Scarlett Johansson in general. Next year, the film adaptation of The Readerstarring Kate Winslet will be in theatres and I really look forward to it. Oh, and only recently I saw the 80s film Death Becomes Her and thought Meryl Streep was brilliant.
Kiro: I think Katharine Isabelle is a great actress!
Shin: Angelina Jolie.

And actor of the year?
Yu: Johnny Depp.
Shin: WALL-E.
Strify: Heath Ledger. I've been a great fan ever since 10 Things I Hate About You. And as cruel as it may sound, death is still what makes you most famous. Even more so when your last performance is as brilliant as his as Joker. Sad but true. But that's how he will live on.
Kiro: None in particular.

What's the nicest sentence someone said about you in 2008?
Strify: Sometimes it's not what is said to you that's important but rather who says it.
Shin: "You are the most stupid person I know", by Strify... (grins)
Kiro: Many great sentences were said in the year 2008; it is, for example, nice to hear when people tell us how much we developed. That is, or so do I think, a very nice compliment!

On December 1st, there was Strify in your Online Advent Calendar singing a part of "Modern Lover" at the studio. Is this the title of a song from your upcoming album?
Kiro: Everything has its meaning and ulterior motives! (laughs)
Strify: Yes, as you can easily recognise, the song is called Modern Lover. Only yesterday, we decided that it will end up on the album. We're takin' love to a new dimension.

On December 24, there was the new song It's Over in your Advent Calendar. A beautiful ballad. Where did the inspiration for this song come from?
Strify: This song was one of the first we recorded for the album at the end of summer last year. It will most probably not make it on the album regularly, but before we get going again for real in spring, we wanted to present our fans with something special to thank them for their lasting loyalty.
Kiro: We thought it a nice idea to release this particular song on Christmas as "thanks" to all our fans! And in order to make their holiday season. (grins) Furthermore, it's a topic practically everyone can relate to!

Are you finished recording the album now?
Kiro: No, not yet, but it won't take that long anymore!
Yu: We're still working on it; wait and then play! (laughs)
Strify: By now, we're at the final stage and want to be finished by the end of January. At the moment, we're busy deciding about the artwork and I'm recording my last parts.
Shin: Not yet, but very soon. Strify and I are recording our last parts at the moment.

Congratulations to the "European Border Breakers Award", an award that, for example, Wir sind Helden or Juli have won before. How do you feel and what does this award mean to you?
Shin: That's our first award, and we're very proud it's such a big European one... and then from the European Union, too! (grins)
Yu: I think it's great! To receive the award for best-selling debut album outside your home country is awesome and I'm very proud of it! (grins!
Kiro Thanks a lot! This award means a lot to me, it's a great honour for me and we're happy about it! It's just wonderful feedback! We owe it to our fans throughout Europe!
Strify: A prize from the European Committee is something completely different than a prize from a music channel or the like... and that is, at any rate, a great acknowledgement of what we did the last two years. A nice completion of the first album, proof that it was all worthwhile and a thanks to everybody who believed in us and who we've been working with.

Please comment on Luminor's departure...
Kiro: It's very tragic and we will fight on! We had a very nice time with Luminor that I'll never forget!
Strify: Sometimes people go their separate ways even if they once believed they would never do so. But everybody has his own path to walk even though you may share it with someone else. You can try to stick to it or you can walk on and take the best with you. I believe that the latter is the only thing that helps you grow. After all, you only have this one life and don't know if there is anything before or after it. But even if your ways separate, nobody should ever lose sight of his/her ambitions.
Shin: To start with, Luminor will take the time he needs to get better. We all hope he will feel better soon. He will always be a part of Cinema Bizarre. It's all very very sad how it happened but we cannot do anything but respect his decision.

2009 will be a great year because...
Kiro: ...I know. (laughs)
Strify: ...there will be toys for everybody! Do you wanna play?
Yu: ...I'm great, haha... (grins)
Shin: ...there will be a lot of toys.

So if you didn't know

Shin posted a bulletin on myspace earlier today saying that from 4pm-8pm german time...he would answer all messages received. From what it looks might take him a longgg time to reply to everyone. XD

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