Sunday, September 28, 2008

Blog from Yu!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

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sexy saturday right? ;D

oh yeeeer im damn happy cuz~ i can tell u that our concert at italy-milano is SOLD OUT!!! <3
and also were goin to rawk Rom and Florence this year!!!:D

so much good news hehe
at the moment we prepare for the upcomin shows (r u rdy Milano?) & writin on new songs.
all these things that happen around us, u guys, the tour givin us good energy, experience for life and for sure ideas for songs! :D
oh and before i forget i wanna say thankyo to our supportbands at the last concerts Diskotek and Automatic Eye, u rawked much! :D

still dont hav som tourpics but for ur lucky ill giv u som new ones featurin shin ^^

ur happy now? ;)

n i wish u a niiice night~

rawk on


in my head, som new cb stuff hehe secret ;D


Monday, September 22, 2008

Fan photo/live mix

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Oooo I really like this one!! (please comment this if you took this photo, I hate not crediting people)

Copyright Emma Jonasson

haha look at Kiro's face ^^

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Peace today pls! <3
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Yoooo <3

maybe u know its peace day so be gentle to everyone and keep this kind of mind ;D

its our last day in Tallinn and so the last day of this part of the tour but just a few days and we rock on ^.^
we slept all day long and now were goin to enjoy the sauna a last time.

i had sooo much fun with all of u these days, u gav us muuuch of good energy while all of the gigs, especially i luv helsinki, the stage was soo great!

while the tour we improved a lot and made good experiences.
its a good feelin when u know "hey im growin" not only in the way of music, also in the way of beein human.
i luv life ;D

aneway im happy to be back in berlin this evenin, even i like to travel lot, i missed it x3

rock on <3


rock it Miyavi - Nirvana Blew Cover

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Kiss Kiss!

Copyright Emma Jonasson

Eskimo Strify!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Blog Bizarre 017 - Konnichiwa Bitches (Back from Scandinavia)

Howdy again!

I'm blogging right now from the Hotel in Tallinn we're still at.
The shows in Scandinavia are done and it was really nice.
We'll even be back in Stockholm very soon for some recording sessions for the next album.
Our flight back to Berlin will be leaving in some hours.
In Malmö there was a nice kick off gig, the club was very cool and a lot of bands lick Juliette and the Licks or even Queens of the Stone Age have already played there. In Stockholm I always feel a Pop-Vibe ;) Love to be there.
It was also very exciting to visit Finnland because there's so much music coming from there.
Now I'm looking forward to Milano and Paris. We planned something very special for that two shows and there's a reason to be excited for some surprises! Alors ;)

I'm leaving Estonia today with a great feeling. You gave us a ot of energy and a lot of Adrenaline on stage ;)

There you go for one picture I took backstage at the Nosturi in Helsinki. The hat is belonging to Shin ;)

See you soon again!

PS: Have you already heard of LADY GAGA? She's the new shit!
I fell in love with her since I got a promo copy of "THE FAME" when I was in Paris the last time. Her album is out now! Show your love for Madama Gaga! - feels so retro-sexual!


CB American Support on myspace are rounding up fans and finding out where you are from! This will help CB know where to tour! vote vote vote!! =]

Click here


Friday, September 19, 2008

From the CB Sweden Support!

Lmao I love the responses!

When your feeling kinda bored..

kudos to blackangel2707 for uploading this!

Message from Romeo Via Myspace!

"Beginning of 2009 we will face an offical release of the Cinema Bizarre album “Final Attraction” in the US via Cherry Tree / Universal.
Also we are preparing to come over on tour for a bunch of shows around the time of the release. "

So there you go US fans! CB are getting signed and for those who don't know it's the same label that signed TH in America.

Spread the word, tell your friends! And PLEASE try to avoid bootlegging the songs off Youtube or Limewire. XD Here are some places where you can purchase the cd(imported version): (personal favorite) (on back order) order)

Thursday, September 18, 2008


More photos coming tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Friday, September 5, 2008

Myspacers...Add them!!

add escape to the stars [kiro] !

support code made by brokenglass

Backstage at Hamburg Party!

Studio work video!

Blogs from Luminor, Yu, and Kiro!! (myspace)


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Message to my fans

Dear beloved Fans...

As you might have noticed my health and personal condition in the last time was not well. Actually it is necessary for me that I can take some time off now and this will help me to get well again soon....
I really hope for your understanding about my situation.
I will do this also for you to be again your Luminor and what you see inside me.

Please do never think that I ever will leave you!!!!
I will come back again as soon as I can.

Meanwhile please do not stop taking your strength from Cinema Bizarre like you always did. The band and I will always be there for you so please support them !!!

And just because I will be gone now for some time don..t see or feel it as an ending....But see it as a beginning of something wonderful new.

See you soon.
Thank you very much for your love and your loyality.

Always yours




Friday, September 05, 2008

not gonna get us <3>


I hope u all are fine ;D I'm very well at the moment <3

The IFA was really great, I really enjoyed to rock the stage, thx for everyone, who was there. I also want to thx some people who came from russia, czech, france, japan, to see us perform!

I hope u like our new song 'deeper and deeper' ;D when u want to hear it again u have to come to one of our future concerts and a lot of surprises more u'll see...

Yesterday I buyed some new clothes, they are very colourful lol maybe u will see them on stage! <33

I can't believe it. for one year we had our first performance in public TV show @ the dome in germany, and now we are travelling around the world, that is so amazing, I want to thank everybody, without u, this would be impossible ;D

see ya soon ;D




Wednesday, September 03, 2008

raindrops lala

good evenin roxxstarz ;D
im just back in berlin to rawk the town xD
it rains yay~ i like to watch the rain, its like washin the world

i miss the stage...only 11 days until rocknroll! <3
unfornately my new baby wont be there for the upcomin concerts,
but ill get another sis for vikki ;D

yesterday evenin Strify and I visited our girls of Fräulein Wunder at Hamburg for their great show ^0^/
tomorrow they rawk berlins magent club! lets rawk with them! <3

oh, and also here the promised pics

standard pic~ ;D


on this one i just played around with photoshop ;D


hope u like them <3

nice evenin~


todays headrawk by Miyavi - Yappari Megumi ga Suki ~dokusou~

Since Luminor will be taking some time off, it looks like Romeo
will be taking his place for now. I'm not positive on that information but for the past few shows he has been substituting for Luminor! Add Romeo to your myspaces! He is a friend of Yu and seems quite cool. ^^

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Makeup by Nadine Emmert, Photos by Terra Surya Bakti

She is really good at makeup..especially around the eyes!


What do you think of the new song "Crasing and burning?"

Do you think Luminor left the band for good or no?

Next video?

What does this blog need more of?

What do you want to see in the new album?

Best Cinema Bizarre Song?


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