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Sorry to all viewers/readers but I have to go on official hiatus. As you may have noticed I have not been updating as much as I used to in the past. I have been very busy with school and I work right after classes all M-F sometimes Saturdays. So basically, I am usually gone from home for about 12 hours a day during the week.

I hope to find time, possibly during holiday breaks, to completely renovate and resurrect this blog/support site.

Thanks to everyone who visits regularly! <3 Stay tuned.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

CBTV Showtime (Live in our home city Chicago!!)

Sadly, they taped more of the 2nd show they did that night so I couldn't find myself. I was in the front row for the 1st show. XD

Thursday, August 20, 2009



We wish you all the best and hope you have a fantastic day (and many more ^^)! Your a very inspirational person and we are sure a hero to many!

Party till you drop tonight!

AMAZING fan gift created by Official United States Strify Fan Club

Click here

p.s. I'm in there as well, maybe you can find me ;D

Monday, August 17, 2009

Strify Birthday Fan Action

Now we all many Youtube vids and nice fan photos get released around the time of the boys' birthdays. However, this time you can be part of a really cool gift idea for Strify!

Check out the blog of Official U.S. Strify fan page.

I even got a little preview of how this is going to look and let me tell's going to ROCK! ;D

Shin Video Blog

BANG now up on Amazon (US)

With previews of tracks as well! Click here.

P.S. It's nice that they included two tracks Luminor worked on outside of the band. ^^

New Cinema Bizarre Radio Clips


Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Video Mix

Sorry everyone for the slow upkeep... I have been traveling back and forth to some states. If anyone is possibly wondering why I still keep this site, even though it's not as active, the main reason is the tags/titles/subjects help get a lot of visits. I keep track of where visitors are coming from and how exactly and I have discovered that the tags can even attract people who have possibly never even listened to band. On the other hand, it has been an easy gateway for fans to track back to certain photos, videos, or interviews using the archive/google search.

CB.TV -Message for Russia

Monday, August 10, 2009

SPEX Interview w/Strify (translated)

Strify, real name unknown, is a singer of German youth band Cinema Bizarre Room. These mixes Glamrock Quotes and melodic vocals with Japanese Visual-Kei looks and is therefore often confused with Tokio Hotel. As a representative of a generation, from childhood on was networking and quite naturally, says of himself that her self-confidence have found through Google, Strify talking here about the Auto-Tune effect, psychological terror in online communities and not the rest of humanity digitalisierbaren .

Photo: © Yves Borgwardt / Spex

Strify, you're twenty years old. What does it mean for you, a> digital native Without the Internet I would not be me, I would not Strify. Without the Internet today, I would not even singer of Cinema Bizarre, or even a band. I can say with certainty, because I still remember exactly what kind of a gray mouse I had before I started with about twelve years for the first time went into the Internet. I was a complete outsider, was very introverted, had few friends at school and found in the small town with 60,000 inhabitants, from where I live, which is otherwise no people with similar interests. I was infinitely bored that my classmates all looked the same, the same that all wore jackets and trousers. I looked around and saw nothing but a big Einheitsbrei. Nevertheless, I tried to adapt myself. Few successful: My nickname then was "Harry Potter". I looked really like Harry Potter!

In the internet you found a better look and new friends?
Exactly. My father was still a time, successfully defended against the internet, but when we finally got it made when it hit me immediately. On the Internet I noticed: I'm not alone! There are other people who are on it so like me! I learned from the Visual Kei scene, there was this androgynous, fantastievollen looks, in this scene be taken toll and then very quickly gained self-confidence. When I returned the summer back to school came, nobody saw me again.

The online world was therefore a strong feedback effect on your everyday life?
Absolutely! The Internet in this respect is of course a double-edged sword, it is clear to me: Internet-communities can also have the negative effect that this is totally closed to them. It then lives in his great online fantasy world, but in real life will be much more shy and unhappier than before. I have even seen the beginning: When I was a newcomer in the Internet, I went for a time, barely out the door, hung only in forums that had a thousand different Messengers subscribed and surfing through dozens of different communities - until I noticed that my online Friends, this type of communication effectively for the real life did. There was quite unpleasant situations, for example I got from people I never met had bitterly angry messages à la: "Why do not you flagging more? How can you do to me only? "I could only reply:" Can it still? I was only briefly on toilet! "

The extent to which Visual Kei was just important for you, that is, a particular dress code on communicating scene whose Aufstyle and make-up practice known as> Second Life without the Internet One must understand that from the Visual Kei Japanese culture is, so a culture that is much stricter than the European one. For children and young people in Japan, there are an unbelievable number of rules - how long the hair has to be how far the stockings over the knee to extend and so on. Everything is strictly regulated. That is why in Japan there is little room to act out individually. Visual Kei offers as a valve. People meet at the weekend, stylt completely to slip into a character into it, flees for a few hours. I have Visual Kei for me as an escape but never grasped. I myself never wanted to just briefly go into a character, but I wanted to be a separate character! And I then also in other German Visual Kei followers found: they go to school so that they style every day, for them, the look absolutely everyday.

Your band colleagues from Cinema Bizarre did you also know about the Internet?
Yes, it is also about the Visual-Kei community. First I met the guitarist of the band know, Yu. With him on the internet, I emailed back and forth already, before we then for the first time in a Visual-Kei-Convention met. There we learned then still Kiro also know, our current bass player. That was the initial spark for Cinema Bizarre. We stayed on e-mail contact, exchanged ideas, and studied with the aim of the band's founding through the Internet or on other members. Without the Internet would be our band that is actually never existed. If I had the guys not in this way to know, I would have after my first attempt rather unpleasant as a singer in the school band and choir probably never thought to become a musician. All members of Cinema Bizarre are, where they grew up, made a similar experience as me. We were all outsiders.

Today, says her quite deliberately Cinema Bizarre: We are not classic garage combo, we are an internet and Style-band, we make conclusions with the usual rock Authentizismen.
I think that is authentic, who is not adjusted, that is, who's not as sold something that he is not. Britney Spears in this respect is the authentic pop singer at all, because it does not do as she was a great artist. It is simply what it is: a performer. Point. This is totally> true <. We have never as a typical rock and roll band output. Why should we? We are not. Our first reference point was not music, but there were styles and looks. I have recently read an interesting quote from Jason Brandon from the Killers: He said that Nirvana and grunge in the early nineties, the whole fun out of the rock'n'roll disappeared. I would sign it. In the seventies and eighties, there were quite a number of artists and bands that are well defined on their look as about music - great people like David Bowie, Grace Jones and Adam Ant! In the nineties, but then came to Grunge, and as a musician who is now thinking about making his appearance, was considered vain and was therefore not authentic. How Cinema Bizarre but not! We want to create an overall picture - and I do not want to just play music, but also images in the minds of the people to send!

Therefore, a band name like Cinema Bizarre, so the reference to the cinema as a space in the picture and sound come together?
Exactly. We knew at the beginning is that we necessarily say> Bizarre Cinema Bizarre, "a lo-fi, trash and splatter-division of the seventies, until then we all do not know. We liked the concept but and for what he is - just because the cinema is the place where image and sound combine. We then turned the concept simply. > Cinema Bizarre <- that fit into a band who not only heard but also be seen.

If you say that the Internet has helped you, to find your identity, you observe the other way, that Cinema Bizarre on the Internet today, teenagers in search of self-help?
The three 13-year-old boys in New Zealand Cinema Bizarre after making me on the Internet are still not met. But in France has given me time a journalist says that the Internet is a band that we have as one of their biggest influences is called. And of course we have over the Internet much contact with our fans, we always say that they just want to be like us. If I were fans in this way can help to become self-confident and to find their way, then this is for me the greatest. Because that is so often forgotten: that we give children self-esteem needs. Today everything is so multimedial and global, one has to so many simultaneous access, which is a toll. However you can get but also very quickly feel very small, especially as a child - you know you do not remember which of a thousand identities, codes scenes and you really should decide. So I say to our fans again and again: It's great when it's copied and pasted so you stylt like us - but it is just okay, if you own something ausdenkt and simply does what you feel like you.

How to explain you the confidence that your fans pay to you online? After all, they speak essentially with art figures: Your sign all crafted pseudonyms, your middle name and your home are not known, and otherwise we know next to nothing about you or your private life.
Everyone has things that he would rather keep for themselves. Not everyone needs to know everything about me, and not everyone needs to know my entire family. In a normal job you want not even that all my colleagues every detail about a know - and yet you trust each other. It is a kind of self - perhaps even from that experience which I have described: that online reality very quickly otherwise übergriffig may be that someday we thus no longer can go to the loo, without logging off. No matter how much we give of our private lives: We are not a fake. We are what we show. This is what we show is what we want to show. That we are looking for exactly. And we have plenty to tell - about our trips, concerts, on meeting with fans. That is why we remain interesting. We are constantly in contact with our online community, I support a Facebook fan page and our MySpace page, and we now also use Twitter.

The title of your new album, "Toyz," reads well, as he was taken directly to a Tweet.
Yes, the big> Z
For example, he writes on his own unique way, "rawk" instead of "rock".
Exactly. Or he replaces each> J Y <- that he has taken over from the Japanese, because you> Y J <. He hears a lot of Japanese music, someday, he then transferred his slang. It has almost a little bit of a cool secret language. A separate Internet secret language to allow the search engine also makes a little bit harder. Somewhere Yu then> Toys Z Toyz <. This was also visually very good.

Apart from the fact that you've met on the Internet, Cinema Bizarre is also a fully band in the sense that all your products - music, videos, photos - offensively are digitally processed. Photoshop, Sampling, Auto-Tune, etc. Use it for your texts even translation tools?
No, that would be great if I write lyrics in German and they could then only in the translation from Google paste mask should. From translation tools but for now I think nothing. The English cover version of real "Do you weep" on our new album is not as incurred. Poetic language is entirely in digital translations lost. Otherwise, it is true but of course we are fully digital, our aesthetic is very different from computers. That has to do with the times now that we all grew up with digital tools are. Our toys were digital, today is my favorite toy my MacBook. From technology and their ability to be surrounded, for us is completely natural. Recently I read an interview with Dave Gahan, who was again reminded that electronic music in the early days of Depeche Mode still not as> real
Are there language translations, apart from something that is also not digitalisierbar?
Of course, this is the man! Personality. Feelings. Machines are the people can never fully replace - I think at least. People are much too complicated knitted, they think illogical to have mood swings are sometimes totally unpredictable, even if it should succeed once, something like an artificial intelligence to create, could not think and feel like people do. This is the analog core of the whole. That is why in times like these even concerts again is so important: the concerts are the moments in which real people on stage, they are the basic essence of the music business that are not digitally can be calculated. Therefore, we are constantly on the plane and even more in the bus on the way to the next concert.

Annoying and sometimes it does not have its own biomass constantly hoist to transport, only to anywhere in the world to prove that behind the whole performance computing incarnate man is? Would not you sometimes like a digital duplicate losschicken and even stay at home?
Until now, travel for me is a pure joy. To me six years ago someone had said that I have with twenty almost the entire world have seen, then I would have never believed. I can not really complain. We fly for the first time to New York, our concert there in the High Line Ballroom is sold out, and the people bawl with all of our songs - that is what I want to do! That's why I make pop music!

How do you find it, your voice as a singer with overexcited Auto-Tune effect to hear?
Auto-Tune for me is twofold - firstly, a natural extension of my vocal range, so a new, interesting timbre, the other a reflection of digitality built. There are songs in which Auto-Tune would be the most dreadful, what we could do to them, and there are songs, which makes the effect for the decisive kick. The latter is the case with some "Toyz," the title track of our new album. That was from the outset a very electronic number, in principle, it is a digitized children's song. Here, the Auto-Tune effect for one Extraquäntchen character.

And how do you assess the effect on other musicians?
I found "808s & Heartbreak" toll, the last album from Kanye West. However, using the Auto-Tune effect on album length appreciably, it is also somewhat exhausting. Another successful example is the song "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap. He is an a cappella singing, without instruments, the song consists only of voice and Auto-Tune effects. A true statement of our time. Why should not his creativity in this way can run free?

Many take the Auto-Tune effect is still not true as an aesthetic decision, but as a license to bungler.
Yes, people think that we can today with Auto-Tune is everyone in the studio are! And of course: This plug-in allows even people presentable to sound, which otherwise do not meet single tone. But what we never will be automatically achieved - and what do not ever plug-in will create - is the audience emotions trigger. Emotion and passion in his voice, those are things that no digital tool can reproduce. These traces of humanity, these traces of personality are exactly what the people in a most touching song - and why it not only once, but always want to hear.

Cinema Bizarre on VIVA

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So if you haven't noticed already, on the main CB site, a new feature has been added! This feature called "Toyslide" allows you to upload various photos and then it puts them into a tv screen. Once you are down with your slideshow, it will be amongst other tv sets which will be viewable to anyone.

It's a nice creative little idea to get some more promotion going for Toyz/Bang!

For those who don't understand German, here are a few simple instructions:
*Click over to "Toyslide erstellen"
*Durchsuchen button allows you to upload your own photos which will then be carried over to the pre-loaded photos box.
*Once you have dragged all your desired photos down to the filmstrip, hit the "Speichern" button.
*This will ask you to input your name (doesn't have to be your real one one XD ), city, and email.
*Click "Speichern" again to finalize your tv set!


Monday, July 27, 2009

New Blog from Strify

OYZ 2009.05 - Take a picture we don't care.
Current mood: energetic
Hey how!

Here we go again, sorry for not writing any blogs the last weeks. So I wanted to steo by a and leave a few words.
There was a lot goin' on and finally our new music video has hit the internets and tv stations.

The work with Space Cowboy, Martin Kierszenbaum and Red One was very relaxed and a lot of fun.
I think the track is very unusual and might suprise some people because we are showing off another side of Cinema Bizarre.
Sometimes it's good to not take yourself so serious. To let yourself go and just party.
So we needed a special video for a special song. We created a bizarre parade. Trashy and glamorous.
And that's what I always see in Berlin. A lot of trash and glamour. So you could say the party is Berlin-inspired.
The director we worked with is called Lennart Brede.
The jacket I was wearing was from a very young Berlin-based designer. She's making a lot of unisex clothes and her label is called von bardonitz.

Make sure to check our weekly internet TV show CB.TV. Just check our buzznet channel every thursday as well as our myvideo channel & the official youtube channel every Thursday to catch the latest episode.

It's all very exciting to bring out TOYZ in Europe and BANG! in America.
I get butterflies when I think about it. It's kinda magical. But that's what music is about.

We're planning the WE'RE ALL TOYZ tour at the moment that will lead us though Europe again all over this year and we're also planning new shows in America.
I get a lot of mails with questions in which new countries we are planning to come.
The best way to find out is to check our Official website and our Bandspace. When a date is confirmed you will see it their first!

Thank you so much for all your love and glam-trashtastic support!
Stay bizarre and get ready to play! Kisses,


Friday, July 17, 2009

Another Cinema Bizarre Party!

Bizarre Party

Seid Ihr bizarre genug für CINEMA BIZARRE?
Strify, Kiro, Yu, Shin und Romeo bieten Euch die Chance auf die PARTY EURES LEBENS!

Pünktlich zum Release von „I came 2 party“ wollen die Jungs mal so richtig die Partytauglichke​it ihrer Fans testen...
Bewerbt Euch jetzt mit Eurer Release-​Party-​Idee zur Single und mit ein bisschen Glück sind CINEMA BIZARRE Euer Gast und erhöhen damit auch den Glamour-Faktor Eurer Feier!

Wie das geht? Ganz einfach ...

Erarbeitet Euer Party-Konzept und stellt es uns vor.

Wir wollen wissen:

- Wann wird gefeiert? Zur Auswahl stehen: Samstag 8. August oder Samstag. 15. August 2009.

- Wo wird gefeiert?

- Wer ist am Start – also wie viele bizarre Fans werden mit Euch feiern?

- Was geht dann da ab?

Schickt uns Eure Bewerbung, gerne auch mit ein paar Bildern (zu Eurer Party-Truppe, der Location und der Deko).
Klaro könnt Ihr uns auch ein kurzes (5 Minuten) Bewerbungs-​Video zukommen lassen.

Natürlich ist die grundsätzliche Idee, dass der Release von „I came 2 party“ deutschlandweit​ ordentlich von uns allen gefeiert wird! Aus all den Partys, die Ihr schmeißt, werden sich Strify, Kiro, Yu, Shin und Romeo die zwei heißesten Partys herauspicken (an jedem Wochenende eine) und dort werden sie dann getreu ihrem Motto „I came 2 party“ spontan und überraschend aufkreuzen und zusätzlich für Mega-Stimmung sorgen.

Also trommelt alle Fans zusammen, die Ihr kennt, lasst Eurer Kreativität freien Lauf und plant die Party Eures Lebens für und mit CINEMA BIZARRE ...

Einsendeschluss​ ist der: 5. August 2009

Bewerbungen bitte an:

Hardbeat Promotion
c/o Cinema Bizarre Management
Ernst Merck Str. 12 – 14
20099 Hamburg

oder per Mail an:


Bitte bewerbt Euch verbindlich und nur für einen der beiden angegebenen Termine.

Let..s party! Euer CB-Team


Bizarre Party

Are you bizarre enough for Cinema Bizarre?
Strify, Kiro, Yu, Shin Romeo and offer you the chance to Eures PARTY LIFE!

Just in time for the release of "I came 2 party" to the guys the right times so their fans Partytauglichke it for free ...
Bewerbt you now with your release party for the single idea and with a little luck are Cinema Bizarre your guests and enhance the glamor factor of your celebration!

How does it work? Quite simply ...

Elaborated your party concept and puts it before us.

We want to know:

- When it's time to celebrate? The choices are: Saturday 8 August or Saturday. 15. August 2009.

- Where is celebrated?

- Who is at the start - that is bizarre how many fans are you celebrating?

- What then goes from there?

Send us your application, often with a few images (to your party group, the location and the decoration).
Klaro can send us a short (5 minutes) application to enable video.

Of course, the basic idea that the release of "I came 2 party" in Germany properly by all of us will be celebrated! For all parties, your throws will Strify, Kiro, Yu, Shin and Romeo the two hottest parties pick (every weekend) and then there are their true motto "I came 2 party" spontaneously and surprisingly show up and In addition, for mega-atmostphere.

So trommelt all the fans who you know, let your creativity run free, and plans the party of your life for and with Cinema Bizarre ...

The closing date is: 5 August 2009

Applications should be sent to:

Hard Beat Promotion
c / o Cinema Bizarre Management
Ernst Merck Str 12-14
20099 Hamburg

or by mail to:

Party Bizarre Cinema Bizarre @. Com

Please bewerbt you authentic and only one of the two specified dates.

Let .. s party! Your CB Team


New video mix

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wanna hear Cinema Bizarre on the phone? (no joke)

(646) 217-0510 <-----saynow service line. Hear messages from the band, leave messages, hear other fan messages, and maybe one day you'll get a call back. =]

New Cinema Bizarre Interview


Saturday, June 20, 2009


The blog has been a little out of date lately due to my current schedule. Things will most likely pick up in 2 weeks or less.

Thanks for always stopping by/reading!


If you haven't done so already.

Like everyday! XD

Do you want to party? Will you be in Berlin next Thursday?

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Cinema Bizarre in Moscow vid

quick summary/translation: Some of the fans are saying they have waited for a while for the concert, traveled far and have been in line since 10am. Then the girls start telling the interviewer whom they think is Bi/straight. They assumed Kiro, Strify, and Shin are bi while Romeo and Yu are straight. The boys are saying how the Russian fans are always crazy/energetic and it really shows how much they love the band. Kiro then starts talking about his favorite Russian bands including T.a.T.u., Bis, Serebro, Reflex, Segrey Lazarev etc.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New photo mix

Hey American fans!

First off, Cinema Bizarre will be releasing their American Debut called "Bang" on August 25th.

Will the album be a combination of Final Attraction and Toyz? Not sure yet.


Important you post your city here so Cinema Bizarre can consider coming to your area.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Hey all Cinema Bizarre fans!

The boys will be on the Cherry Tree Records chat tomorrow! If you haven't already, you can register at

The chat itself has a really fun atmosphere!

the chat will be held Tuesday 6/9/09 at 12pm (Pacific time).

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Funny photo of Kiro and Romeo from Hamburg party

Copyright/Property of Dakyre

Interview vid from Hamburg and Updated tour list/new dates!

American dates to follow soon..

CINEMA BIZARRE - We´re all toyZ - European Tour 2009 - Part 1
05.06.2009 (RUS) Moskau Green Theatre
07.06.2009 (UA) Kiev Chayka Festival
04.07.2009 (A) Wiener Neustadt Stadttheater
05.07.2009 (A) Wien
06.07.2009 (A) Graz Orpheum
10.07.2009 (NL) Eindhoven Effenaar (SOLD OUT)
11.07.2009 (NL) Amsterdam Melkweg
19.09.2009 (D) Memmingen Kaminwerk
20.09.2009 (CH) Pratteln Z 7
21.09.2009 (D) München Ampere
22.09.2009 (NL) Utrecht Tivoli
23.09.2009 (L) Luxemburg Rockhal
25.09.2009 (I) Rom Alpheus
26.09.2009 (I) Bologna - Pinarella di Cervia
Rock Planet
27.09.2009 (I) Treviso - Roncade
New Age
29.09.2009 (D) Stuttgart Die Röhre
30.09.2009 (D) Frankfurt Batschkapp
01.10.2009 (D) Köln
Live Music Hall
02.10.2009 (D) Leipzig Anker
04.10.2009 (D) Hamburg Grünspan
05.10.2009 (DK) Kopenhagen Vega
06.10.2009 (D) Flensburg Deutsches Haus
08.10.2009 (S) Göteborg Sticky Fingers
09.10.2009 (S) Stockholm Klubben
11.10.2009 (D) Berlin Fritz Club

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Toyz Release Party Video Mix

Interview with Romeo from "All Stars" Russian Magazine

Interview Romeo for “All Stars” Russian magazine !
The keyboarder of Cinema Bizarre Rom3o was born in German town Hahenburg on the 4th of August in 1988. He was fond of music since his childhood. Played in different groups. In autumn last year, after Luminor’s leaving, he began to play in Cinema Bizarre and gave a concert in Russia. And then he became the constant member of the group.

What do you remember most of all from the tour in Russia, except the transit from Krasnodar to Moscow?
- (Laughing). Yeah, the trip was great: 25 hours in the train. But if seriously, I remember a very good food.

What was your first reaction, when you learnt about the tour with Lady GaGa in America?
- I didn’t believe in it. Sometimes now it seems to me that all this was just a dream.

What was your brightest impression from America?
- I won’t answer this question, because it’s very private…

You are not a newcomer in music. Where did you happen to play before Cinema Bizarre?
- I sang and played in groups, which worked in different music styles, such as: Ska- Punk, Cover-Rock, Tyrone Jackson in the Musical Fame (played in Germany, Ireland, France), Emo-Progressive, Emocore, Screamo, Progressive. Then there was another project, which I left for Cinema Bizarre. Now I am the happy rocker with the keyboard in this awesome band.

Did the work with Cinema Bizarre change something in your life or may be in you yourself?
- Too many. I can’t describe it in several words, but I am happy to be in this group.

What does it mean to you to be a part of Cinema Bizarre?
- Spend 24 hours a day with the best friends!

You and Yu are old friends…
-Yes, and we always have something to remember.

The friends for you is….?
- Without friends I am nothing, they are always in my heart. There is a very good expression: true friends are more valuable than diamond.

What are your most favorite songs from another groups?
- “Wait For Tomorrow” by Blessthefall and “The Crimson” by another American group Atreyu

What is your favorite music direction ?
- Screamo.

What do you think about fans, who come from different countries only to see your concerts?
- It’s amazing! I love such people for that what they do.

What kind of people you don’t like at all?
- Assholes!

Without what can’t you imagine your life?
- Without music, of course!

Would you like for one day to get an opportunity to read thoughts of other people?
- It’s not so interesting what they have in their heads, much more interesting that, what they have in their hearts!

Can you describe yourself in several words?
- I’m great organizer, open, true friend. I think, I am not silly and very creative. Also, I can’t bear injustice at all.

The last question: can you say something or wish to your Russian fans and readers of “All Stars” magazine?
- You showed me that you love me and still keep on doing it. I am happy and want to say: thank you very much! See you soon and I hope, that you will show me some other sights of Russia, about which I don’t know yet!

JANE (ORKS [international] )

And don't forget to check out the Official Russian Romeo Support [international]

Friday, May 29, 2009

Attention American Cinema Bizarre Fans..URGENT

So as you all know, the import release of "Toyz" has been pushed back to August 21st. Rumor is that a few online vendors are selling some new/used copies to give out.

Don't give's not true!

Tip thanks to Cinema Bizarre American Support on myspace. =]

Thursday, May 28, 2009

New blog from Strify!

TOYZ 2009.04 - Music remains.
„Willkomen, Bienvenue, Welcome –

Cinema, Cinema, Cinema!“

It’s bloogin’ time again and so much stuff is goin on.

We are workin’ on the idea for our new music video „I CAME 2 PARTY“, it’ll be shot in June. It’ll be some kind of video remake based on an idea of a music video that’s a classic. I’m not going to tell you too much. What do you think should a Cinema Bizarre party look like?

A week ago we’ve been in Italy and had a wonderful performance of „DEEPER & DEEPER“ at the Italian MTV TRL Awards. Because the album release was postponed again, we wanted to make you a little present and this track is downloadable for free at!

And the journey continues: On the weekend we’ll have the „TOYZ“ pre-release-party in Hamburg where we will appear as DJs and even play a few new tracks from the album for you. Hope I’ll see you there!

Next week we’ll be in Paris and have a little special event for you - an intimate accoustic evening – and the we’ll head to Moscow and Kiev for some concerts.

But a few things happened these days that weren’t so nice.

There was some buzz about stuff that leaked on the internet that upset some of you.

Also I read some reviews about the album that were kind of... I don’t know how I should say it... they were kind of funny. They were writing about all our make up, about how much hairspray we use, about the „wrong“ way of writing „TOYZ“ with a Z and so on.

That’s fine for me, but I really don’t understand the point of writing a review about an album without writing about the music.

Yes, Cinema Bizarre is not only meant to be heard but also to be seen.

We are making video, photos, are creating images... but all this comes along with the music.

There has always been a lot of controversy in my life. I guess it’s the same with the band.

But I just don’t want you to lose focus on the most important thing.

You can have as much posters as you want in your room, you can have zero posters.

You can dress the way you want, you can write whatever you want about us.

As long as you care about one thing: the music.

I don’t want you to forget that, it seems that happened to the person who has written that review (or copied it from another writer).

So many things come and go. Music remains, Art remains.

Stay Bizarre.

Jack E. Strify

PS: Click here to follow CB on twitter. Have you already seen the first three lessons? More to come.

CB video in America

The live parts are from the Chicago show! =D

Monday, May 25, 2009

So you've probably heard Yu has a girlfriend..

and YES it's true. Fans, please stop hating, we have to respect w/e the boys choose to do in their own private lives.

Lesson 3

Monday, May 18, 2009

Cherry Tree Records Chat feature

So if you haven't seen already, if you have an account at, there is now a chat feature. It's very simliar to Facebook chat or the new Myspace chat feature.

According to their Twitter account, Romeo and Yu were on the chat earlier in the day. ;-)

Cinema Bizarre at "The Producers" premiere (Berlin)


For MTV Italy TRL best live perfomance 2009

Click HERE

Deeper and Deeper

Now avaliable fore FREE at

If it's not downloading for you, right click on the file and click on "save as target".

Monday, May 4, 2009

Fan Interview translation


The Fan Interview - PART I!

We finally made it!
The first part of our great Cinema Bizarre-INTERVIEWS FAN is now online! Piece by piece the guys are always here to answer questions that we have collected in the forum and you are moving!

We wish - MUCH FUN!
YOUR CREW CB and Cinema Bizarre

Your questions to Cinema Bizarre:

What is the idea to kiss on stage created?

Strify: Sometimes a flat packs simply the passion and you want to adrenaline on the stage with someone sharing

Yu: I had the feeling Kiro could use a little affection :-)

Kiro: things just happen. Moreover kiss me extremely happy; D

Where does the name Cinema Bizarre?

Strify: The word "bizarre" was crucial. Many people look at us and wonder why we are so curious. Most think it is negative. For us, we are normal people on this planet. The word "bizarre" so we want to give a positive meaning. On the Internet, we are on a movie from the 70s pushed the "Cinema Bizarre" was. The words were switched, and our baby had the perfect name. Cinema Bizarre is not only to listen but also to look alike - such as films.

Shin: Cinema represents our interest in films and visual effects. Bizarre us because other people often feel strange.

Yu: In the cinema, the cinema in our heads, and the bizarre world in which we move every day.

Kiro: We are 5 very different characters together and the people we want to offer great cinema! One must 'Bizarre' is also not seen as a negative word, we see it as a positive word.

How are you to your artist name came and what they mean?

Strify: Yu gave me my name. He has me by a character named "Cloud Strife" from "Final Fantasy" feel and reminds me of that time "Strify referred.

Shin: My name comes from friends who thought I had a small similarity with Shinya (Japanese plays in a band).

Yu: My name has had various forms of development. One was one of my favorite mangaka Yukiru Sugisaki, there was also some manga / anime characters with the name of Yuki, which is always best to me have passed. From Yuki Yukiru or later simply Yu reasons of style.

Kiro: My name comes from Strify's plush monkeys, the Siro is, and this was then 'Kiro' converted!

How did Luminor exit? Are there any contact between Luminor and the band?

Strify: Luminor was always a loner and has needed more space than he himself thought. That is to beat his mind and he's become ill. To return to find his way, he decided to leave the band.

Kiro: Luminor was very bad! We hope it goes better soon! Yes, we have now and Konakt!

Shin: For health reasons he had left the band! Now and then we still have contact with him.

Yu: It was with itself apparently not quite aware, I hope he's right!

How is Romeo after Luminor Cinema Bizarre exit to come?

Yu: Romeo was from the beginning always somehow in the process because it is a good friend of mine is. He could play our songs and has already helped so many times at concerts. He is the best choice!

Kiro: Romeo We knew a long time, he is a very good friend of Yu been and that is why we have to know him! If there were problems, he has helped us and now we are glad that he is in the band!

Is it true that Luminor to new musical works projects?

Strify: I do not know, but if so, I wish him good luck.

Kiro: I am not infomiert! I wish him all the cases to the best of luck on his other ways!

Are there moments where Cinema Bizarre fear their fans? What are these situations?

Strify: I never was afraid. Not before a person. However, if one sits in a car and is surrounded by people, all to a ranwollen, it may already be a little intimidating.

Yu: Sowas there are always. For example, if we are not using a bus once more through the crowd, because fans are everywhere. That is one really cool, but one wonders also what probably would happen if all the while on the bus would come.

Kiro: Sometimes it's just so strange to be angehimmelt and sometimes it is not easy because the people do not really know! But I would not be 'afraid' means!

In what situations are you so annoyed?

Strify: If we are only an hour break to have lunch between interviews and me in a total IT hotel my salad, even the totally overpriced, because the hotel is so announced, is not placed and then the hour has passed when finally comes the salad - THEN you can say that I'm slightly annoyed.

Shin: If I do not have time to build up my drums.

Yu: If before a concert soundcheck too brief, the settings and simply do not hinhauen something ... If you just before a concert in trouble, it always exists.

Kiro: Kommt drauf whole, if so, forgive me in my room or am simply just own!

Their dispute, even if her on tour are underway and what?

Strify: When so much is each other, you sometimes want to just be alone. But once all are gone, they are also missing again.

Shin: Big controversy, there was never before! We are like a family on tour.

Yu: Of course, for example, that the boys often pick their things could be.

Kiro: Not really dispute. We are a small family, and of course there are sometimes one or the other conflict, but now is not significant!

Who stylt lipstick and the guys on the stage or make it yourself?

Strify: For each concert, we have until now even geschminkt.

Romeo: Especially on tour, we usually own the makeup on.

Shin: I always look like this! ;-)

Yu: We styling and make up ourselves, Kiro makes me but mostly my hair on the back to cope because I unfortunately do not have eyes in the neck.

Kiro: We are so in the morning! D No, of course, we make everything themselves, except for special events such as Video shoot or photo shoots. Here we have visagists spot!

What education or training did you really?

Strify: I have the school canceled and no training. I had earlier and at smaller jobs

Shin: I was at a comprehensive school, but I've studied so far nothing.

Romeo: Realschule, training as a clerk, several. Advanced Training in Wirschaftsbereich, then another year of school ... etc.

Yu: I was at a middling school and had then started middling masseur to be, because otherwise I did not have much choice. But a bit clever, I am sometimes.

Kiro: I'm at a vocational school for economy went there and did my graduation in the specialized field of training!
What is actually your real name?

Strify: Jack Strify

Shin: SHIN

Yu: My real name is ... (Ätsch will not tell!)

Why are "Spaceman" and "The Other People" never appeared on an album?

Strify: Because "The Other People" is just as good on the "Escape to the Stars" single has made.

Yu: Because Singles affection need

Kiro: We could not all the songs on the album and have decided it as bonus tracks on eg Singles on the packing and Special Editions!

Its five müsstet yes post soon receive from the Army - How will you decide: Bundeswehr or volunteer?

Strify: I have no time for anything either. Or do you want one years to completely abandon the band?

Romeo: ZIVI - I've been behind me: Inner Station in a hospital.

Shin: Band!

Yu: It's both not so my thing!

How do Strify, Kiro and Yu in the morning in the bathroom does not get in the way to come. Do you have a race plan or something similar?

Strify: Perfect timing. Does everything intuitively.

Shin: The run only in the way when time pressure is!

Yu: The early worm is eaten by birds.

Kiro: That everything runs super; D

Wait times you have really drunk and for what occasion?

Strify: Certainly not once and not only for New Year's Eve.

Romeo: True hit twice in my life. That is quite a few years ago. This is an experience that you should not do better. Fingers away from excessive Alk enjoyment !!!!!

Yu: Actually very little ...

Kiro: Interrogates prefer not to ... D

Could you imagine a beauty operation times to make?

Strify: If everything in limits, I have nothing against OPs. But me personally, I have until now not thought about.

Romeo: Honestly, no idea ...

Shin: maybe in 50 years

Yu: Now is not yet

Kiro: No, not yet! But yes you should never 'never' say!

Friday, May 1, 2009


In English translation:

To all the confusion to clear the road, here is a clarification to information from publications g "My Obsession" and "Toyz" by Strify itself

MY OBSESSION G publications

I would like on behalf of the entire band at the confusion surrounding the publication of g single and album apologize.
For the pressing g and publications of the album is the record company, and the error lies with Universal Music.
Also Band Internally, we have only very late by the recurrence of publications grams shady learn.

I understand if its sour, disappointed or just confused you.
Since yesterday I have officially given the data that definitely
MY OBSESSION on 12 JUNE appears
Toyz on 26 JUNE.

We hope we have you in anticipation and the wait is not spoiled.
I look forward to Toyz and the upcoming concerts

The album and single are both available in two versions available.

Dear greetings from Berlin and apology

Jack E. Strify

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New issue of Rockoon w/ Cinema Bizarre

He ain't bluffin with his muffin.

New Blog from Strify via myspace

Wednesday, April 29, 2009
TOYZ 2009.03 - The Time Flies.
Bonjour mes amis,

It feels like a lifetime since my last blog.

Sorry about that but on the road I just couldn't calm down.

The last weeks have been very good for us and a lot of stuff has happened.

Most of I think already know that we've been to the States.

Lady GaGa asked to us open her The Fame Ball Shows so we spontaneously left everything behind to grab that oppurtunity. We travelled from the West Coast to tha East Coast and opened every show expect the ones who are yet to come because they were postponed.

I really loved working there. We had dozens of interviews, many shows to play, met awesome people, found awesome fashion been glamy and glittery and there's more to come.

Lovesongs (They Kill Me) is now out on iTunes America and it's veeeeeery exciting. We are planing on a US album which will have another title and another tracklist and maybe even some extra stuff. It'll probably come out in June/July and it'll be glamorous! So you can expect mote concerts to come!

We returned to a week to Germany and were also very busy here. There will be a lot of stuff during the next weeks you'll get to see, read whatever! It's a bizarre invasion of our futuristic spaceship. Beware if you wanna play!

TOYZ is finally finished, we recorded a new song two weeks ago. Maybe you've already seen the cover somewhere around the web as well as the single cover of the first single My Obsession.

I told you in December about that song and the magic that's surrounding it. And now it's going to be the first single. Are you already obsessed? I'm sure some naughty of you already checked YouTube... but soon there will be the new video.

We're also already planning the WE'RE ALL TOYZ tour for Germany and Europe.

You can check the dates on the bandmyspace or

It'll be awesome to play finally again in Germany!

Last week we had our own headlining shows in NYC and LA. I really think New York is the only city in the world where people aren't staring at me! I loved that and I hated that.

The LA show was insane and New York was the shit!

The time flies and you never know what happens next on your rollercoaster ride.

But now I'm enjoying my glamorous and trashy Berlin.

So many cities, so many stages but now I'm in the place I love the most.

In my bed having some lovely pineapple...


Jack E. Strify


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