Monday, December 29, 2008

Bochum and Yu

First off..Happy Birthday Yu!! <333333

Here are some vids from Bochum show..

More to follow..

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A little late but..

Copyright "Tofu"

Kiro's new tattoo!! (back of his neck behind his necklace)

Hopefully there will be a more clear photo in the future!

Blogs from Yu and Kiro

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Current mood: peaceful

hey snowdrops~

were back from italy
it was great!!! :D

heres a lil pre-christmas present

lookin bit q.@ cuz was very sunny ;D

n take a look at my hotelroom...chill~ <3

get ready for tmorrow, hope santa will get all the nice stuff to u

u know christmas is the time of forgiveness
check bout the mistakes uv done and improve urself
forgive others, make one step after an other
go on ;)

dont forget to bring all of ur energy n fun to our last two concerts this year!
like a big THX to u all that we won the European Border Breakers Award
for sellin the most of our debutalbums in europe without the homecountry!!!

cuz i wont be in myspace tomorrow i will tell u now all

happy merry christmas with all of my luv to everyone in the world!!!
to all who had not the best days this year
to all who dont celebrate christmas
to at least everyone!


enjoy this day!


do my ears with peaceful silence at the moment...okay for the shower SuG - Love Scream Party ;D


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas <3

Hey ya ;D

Now it's the 23th december and christmas is coming ;D I hope you've got all presents for your family and friends!

Our concerts in Rom and Florenz were really great and I want to thank everybody who had been there ;D we are coming back next year with new songs!!!

The work on our new album 'Toyz' continues, so you can be very excited! And also at 0:00 o'clock you will see the last surprise from our christmas calender, it will be very special, so have a look ;D

On 26th and 27th of december we have our last 2 concerts from our 'Final Attraction Tour', in Bochum and Hamburg! It was a great year for us and now we finish our tour in our home country germany ;D! We will give everything!!! So, come and rock with us ;D So we will be back next year with a new album and a lot of cool stuff!!!

So, have a merry christmas!!!

nice greetz.


Cherry Tree Records Photoshoot

The American Label signing Cinema Bizarre in America..

some of their artists are i.e. Lady Gaga and Tokio Hotel

New song and lyrics

I sounded out the you go! :

Don't go wasting time on something else
If you lose me now
I'll lose myself
It's just you and me now (x2)
You are circulating in my system
Taking all the ? my transmission
Circulating in my system
Destroying me and all my visions

I still have these pictures of you here
How can all I feel turn into fear
Oh yeah
It's just you and me now
I said hey
It's just you and me now
Your are circulating in my system
Taking over my transmission
Circulating in my system
Destroying all my visions
It's all over (repeat)

You left me alone(x4)

You are circulating in my system
Taking over my transmission
Circulating in my system
Destroying me and all my visions
It's all over (repeat)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Bella Italia!

Florence, Italy photo mix

Copyright "Elena_92"

Copyright "Elena_92"

Copyright "Just-maybe" via photobucket

Copyright "Marty"

Copyright "Tofu"
Oh my that last photo is stunning! <33

Recent suprises

Friday, December 19, 2008

Rome video Mix.

Watch Strify's awesome dance moves!

Bulletin bizarre no. 47 translated by English Cinema Bizarre (Myspace)

Dear Supporter,

CINEMA BIZARRE continue to work diligently on their second album "toyZ" which will appear in the Spring of 2009. Much news can be found in the Advent calendar about the new release. It is worthwhile therefore once again to re-check, because every day you can find a new surprise that the guys have invented for you.

In this week CINEMA BIZARRE play two more concerts in Rome and Florence .... And both shows are now sold out! Then the band can finally be seen again in Germany. For the concerts in Bochum (Matrix) and Hamburg (verdigris) there are still a few remaining tickets available. Those who want to see CINEMA BIZARRE live once again before the spring should quickly obtain tickets ....;-)

Moreover, we are also pleased to announce that on 15 January CINEMA BIZARRE will be presented in Grønningen / Holland in the European Border Breaker Award . This award is the best-Act for the 2008 debut album within the European Union. A very special honour for CINEMA BIZARRE So we are very grateful to those who are all fans in Europe!

Final Attraction Tour 2008

18th December 2008 Rome (IT) Circolo degli Artists
19th December 2008 Florence (IT) Viper Theathre
26th December 2008 Bochum (DE) Matrix
27th December 2008 Hamburg (DE) verdigris

We wish you all the best, beautiful days and look forward to seeing you again next year.


Click here to visit their site.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Photoshoot preview

This is a theory but right at the end of the video..there is a quick glimpse of someone standing to the left of Shin. Maybe it's Romeo.. *cough cough*. I mean the dude already changed his myspace layout to the CB style a while ago AND he's been covering for Luminor lately. I bet the last suprise of this advent calendar will be something like revealing the photoshoot photos with him in it. But..thats just my theory hahah. :O)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Number 13

"Shit happens" hahhaha that was funny.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

recent advents

I think they burnt their cookies.... XD

Thursday, December 11, 2008

12 and HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHIN!! <3333

since it's already dec. 12th there..Happy Birthday Shin!! <33 xoxo

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I should be studying for finals but instead..

...totally flipping out over this video! =] You can win these pictures ..send your address to:

Good luck fans! =]

Friday, December 5, 2008

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Video 5

Haha Strify's sarcasm is quite funny. He claims he never wears makeup when you can clearly tell he has got bronzer on LOL. XD

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Skipping to Advent 4 since 3 was wallpapers

For wallpapers click here

Ok this vid is WAYYYYYYYYYYY too quick. It's like watching Cloverfield or something. You can get dizzy!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Strify[Argentina] support fan action!

everyone to wants to qo the same way like Cinema Bizarre , to support and help them and say: "Boys, i stay faithful for you!".... please send us a pic from you or a pic from you with one of the guys from Cinema Bizarre!! with a personaL message! ( but no so long!!!)
becuase i make a video ( or more videos...).. i will give it the boys in Hamburg 27.12.


please send your pic untiL 22.12.


@ this email adress please:





Strify's Soul Argentina

To see their page click here

Saturday, November 29, 2008

New blog from Yu

Saturday, November 01, 2008

World Aids Day
Current mood: gallant

maybe u know tomorrows the World Aids Day!
so i hope u all hav been checked or will be ;D

...cuz HIV n Aids suxx as hell!!!

i did the test and im okay YaY <3~

stay healthy and take an eye on ur health..its ur Life! ;)

for ur happiness, a pic when iv got my sexy vikki guit the first day

Rubber Roxx (and keeps u also away from all this unlovely infectstuff)

nice day


Song for my head these days by Girugamesh - Shiroi ashiato

Mix Video

Friday, November 28, 2008

Check out these wonderful wallpapers!

Some CB fans have created awesome wallpapers, avatars, sigs, etc. Check them out and leave them some props! =]

Click here

Or here

Clearing out the Confusion

Due to the increasing ammount of U.S. supports for CB within this year...we have had several name changes to avoid getting mistaken. We only go under as "Cinema Bizarre U.S. Midwest support(myspace) or Cinema bizarre america blog.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sad news from Luminor's myspace

Thursday, November 27, 2008


My dear fans,

I am sorry for having no other choice then to carry out my duty I have towards you.
As you might started to imagine and guess my personal conditions couldn't have been recovered fast enough and good enough.

Please believe me that everything possible was done for me to come back in health and better conditions, but the time did not last, to come back as a complete support for the band.

Please try to find understanding that I have decided that I have no other choice then to declaim all the honours and titles you wanted to give to me.

This makes me sad, but some things can't be like I want them to be .

I will always be in your mind in the way I wanted to be for you ...And I will stay with you .

But I can't stay any longer as a part of Cinema Bizarre.

Which means that I will leave the band from now on.

Let me simply go on as the one I have been for you.

I wish the band luck on their way.

Keep me in your hearts.

Your Moonlight.


From a bulletin he posted:

Ich möchte es euch sagen ...die die mir nah wart ...ich habe beschlossen..ich muss sie ablehnen .All die ehren und titel die ihr mir schenken wolltet.Denn ich bin besiegt.Lasst mich einfach weiter so sein ..wie ihr mich einst kanntet ...der euer mondlicht war .

Weint nicht um mich meine leute ...die wahrheit ist ich sollte euch nie verlassen ...aber es wird schwerer mich zu sehen ..

Ich bin was ihr seht ...und werd es immer bleiben .

Habe ich zu viel gesagt ? alles was ich zu sagen habe gesagt ...Ihr braucht nur mich ansehn und ihr seht ...jedes wort ist wahr ...

English Version:
I want to tell you ... who were close to me ... .. I have decided I must reject them. All the honor and title to it give me wolltet.Denn am I besiegt.Lasst am just so .. I like you once knew ... the moonlight was yours.

Crying is not my people ... the truth is I should never leave you ... but it is harder to see me ..

I am what you see ... and will always remain.

Have I said too much? everything I have to say is said ... .. You need only look on me and you can see ... every word is true ...


We all wish Luminor the best and hope he gets better soon!

please add his new myspace

New blog From Strify!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blog Bizarre 021 - In the lowlight comfort of Berlin streets
Current mood: adventurous

It's blogging time again!

Hope you're doin' fine.
It's getting cold again and I tell you the winter in Berlin is cruel.
Where I grew up winter was pretty different. It was a lot colder than in Berlin - but there were a lot of beautiful days. A lot of snow - but still sunny. We had a lot of nice winters in my childhood.
And now this'll be my second winter in Berlin. It's always kind of windy and you can feel the cold creeping up your body and getting into your bones.... anyways... I love Berlin

Do you wanna play?

You have to wait for the TOYZ till spring 2009!

We're going to get in a new process with the Album in December!
Still we are recording and collecting and writing demos. But in December we will start with the real recording! There are already some songs settled for the record and still we are trying to figure out which songs will make it on the album and which not. We are having so many good songs right now that it'll be hard to throw some away. But my favourites will be on "TOYZ" for sure!
Hm, we're having two different directions on the album: Some songs are very danceable and some are very rocky. You know I'm a club kid - I love to dance and rock the whole night through
But my favourite song so far is a ballad...
I said enough for now!

Here you go for a picture of mine from the studio.

Make sure you're havin' a good time!

Jack E. Strify

PS: This blog's title is from the newest song from IAMX "Think of England". You can get ot for free on their official homepage. I'm waiting for the album! And by the way: Grace Jones' new album is amazing!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

New blog from Yu!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Snowwhite <3
Current mood: romantic

finally snow!!! <3~

im at my parents house and enjoyin the first lovely snow, this is just a lil view from the street

so santa gav us n early present this year ;D

keep gentle n peaceful and cb will make u a happy merry christmas <3~


dreamin away with myv - dear my love. tried to play it on guitar and i keep gettin better yay <3

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Thank you

I'd like to say thank you to all readers(even though yall freakin are too shy to ever comment). =P We've been getting more and more views since this blog has started. (Yes we have a meter that detects your location too lol). I've got to say I'm suprised that most of our readers are not from America! Thats kinda cool in a way.

Voting again!

Kerrang Polls!

Click on get voting and you know what to do next! =]

message from Bizarre Fighters fanclub

So the Bizarre fighters fanclub is setting up a big gift for CB!

Hey lovely people,

..cause there some obscurities, we want to clear this quickly :).

Ok, we..ll take the presents with us and give it to the boys, such as they come to our post office box.

Of course you all can be sure that we won't open your presents. Thats why the appeal to you, write the name for whom the present is on your post directly.

We have the great luck to give the things really face-to-face to the boys, without this condition, we don..t had do this project so.

We have come to know that there are some antis of this project and thats really a pity but its ok, nobody is constrained to join in. But it should not degenerate in defamation to us or the fans who join in the project gladly.
Thank you!!
We thought its a nice idea and a great surprise for Christmas, and also so we can show the boys that the fans really like and support CB.

If you have any questions anyway, you can mail to us all the time.

Your Bizarre Fighters

Dear bizarre people,

We have to think out a very spezial surprise for Cinema Bizarre, at that first of all, you the fans, are in demand. Without you it doesn..t go!
It should become a great big Christmas present action, at that you can (should J) make present the boys.

Thats the way you join in:
Please send us your presents for Yu, Shin, Strify, Kiro, Luminor and Romeo (because we don..t know who is there, so we include both) till 02. December. It would be nice, when you make something by yourself, but all other presents are also great.

We take all these things with us on 27.12. to Hamburg and we..ll surprise the boys with it.

Certainly we document the action for you all, ..cause you should have something therefrom :-).

Please look out for, that you present are not bigger as an large letter, ..cause we have to transport all of this.

Dear Fans from the foreign country, please think of the time, that the letters need to come to Germany. Bring your present to post timely.

And now - "all we need is fantasy"!

your Bizarre Fighters

P.S. Oh and don..t forget to write the name, for who the present is on it.

our adress:

Official CB-Fanclub Bizarre Fighters
Postfach 44
09425 Ehrenfriedersdorf

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Photo Mix

Copyright HeadBanger

Photos from Moscow/random

Found these all over but if you know who took them please comment this so I can credit them.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cinema Bizarre in Russian Bravo

Click here for the posts from Cinema Bizarre Russian Street Team

majur kudos to them!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Stify-New blog from myspace

Blog Bizarre 020 - Not for playing only.
Current mood: catalyzed

Back in Berlin!
Yappa, I've been having some kind of holidays.
I spent the last week in Hamburg. The first days I've been recording and writing some stuff in the studio. I really really can't wait for the next album. I'm so looking forward showing all the world what we're working on right now!
I've been invited to a friend's house where I spent the rest of the week. Just relaxing! - "Relax don't do it - when you want to go to it" - sing
Watching a lot of movies, cooking (yes - I do that sometimes... at least I'm trying it), going to the cinema and the planetarium.
Yeah, but talking about the new album... Have you already seen it? You must watch this - the trailer for the new album which will be released 2009 - The name is.... ta-dah: TOYZ!

Wonder what it is about?

But with all the excitement about the trailer and the just announced album title, somehow everyone forgets about the new Shin-made CB.TV clip from Paris and Milano! During the next weeks the next one will be about Russia.

Ahhh... and yesterday I went out to party! I really was desperate for some fun
I haven't been drinking for weeks. I can't do that when I have to work in the studio or when we're on tour.

So see you very soon!
Stay fashionable


PS: Right now I'm addicted again a to the Eighties (like always ). Kim Wilde, Billy Idol, Dead or Alive, Ideal, Michael Jackson and of course Madonna! I wish I could live in the Eighties for a week. "Get into the groove!"

New Rock One (French Magazine)

"The Truth about Luminor"

Hmmm sounds interesting! But then again popular magazines aren't always true...

who knows.

I'll see if I can find more on the article/translation!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Russia/Latvia video mix

CB on Russian MTV

Kiro singing "220" by TaTu at CB Tochka Party

Strify introducing the band (Moscow)

The other People (Moscow)

Meet and Greet with Latvian Fans

Thursday, October 16, 2008

He's ready for Russia lol!

Copyright [x]black-kiiss[x]

New blog from Yu! [myspace]

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Current mood: giggly

bonjour~ u crazy people ;D

we enjoyed the last days much~
so much RAWK at the Bataclan and the Rockhal!!!
thanks to everyone for comin, thx to diskotek for the great support and also thx to our crew and our people who made it possible to play there and giv such a big gig!!! i luv it ^.^

also we went to the disneyland in paris.... OH YAY! xD
i buyed a stitch-hat! wtf rawk! (o.o)/
i luv rollercoasters x3

so much experiences and fun all these days...aww <3

when i got on stage in paris i just checked my guits sound and shin gave me a beat so...we had to jam xD heres a vid from our short solo

also keep the 1.11 in mind...the day when we tell the name of our new album! ;)
u can find the news bout it on the official fanpage and for sure on our homepage

here r som picz for u from paris

rocknroll in the taxi ;D

the leadsinger and the guitarist

i luv the sky abov paris


sry photobucket suxx as usual and so i cant make them smaller =/

hope ur all well and well see u the next days at the next concerts!!! <3
maybe uv seen miyavis new blog, uah he put his lippiercing out ..<

rock on!!! <3~

rocknroll with gazettes new song Leech!!! <333

CB arriving in Russia!

Kudos to the girls who taped this and went out there! =D

More vids/pics from Russia coming soon!


Blog from Strify!

Blog Bizarre 018 - Paris Paris!
Current mood: relaxed

I'm back again!

There was much going on the last days.

After the great concert in Milano, we've been almost a week to Stockholm again.
These were some bloody creative days in the studio! I am already so excited about the release of the album next year. We don't have a date yet and we still are in the demo process, but I already love love love it. But there's already an album title which will be proudly announced on the 1st of November on the official fanpage and of course

In Stockholm I even met P!nk which was quite paradox because I had her new song in my head as she passed my way to leave the hotel. I think she's a pretty cool one!

The concert in Paris was fucking awesome. As you can see on the videos on YouTube we brought something special for the show. That was Cinema Bizarre how it should be :)
The Bataclan club was really one of the hottest clubs I've ever been to. The sound was great but my hair was a mess afterwards :) We only had some technical problems with the TV screens.

Unfortunately I can't show you any images right now because I can't find the connecting wire from my camera.

But there you go for a pretty funny video I found on YouTube. Someone threw a pack of cigarettes on stage and I just couldn't resist... But that I hate smoking doesn't mean that I hate smokers.

The day after the show in Paris we went to Disneyland and it was such a lovely day. I love it when the leaves turn their colours and you get to enjoy the last sunshine. It was one of those nice days. We rode all the rollercoasters - you really get to ride Space Mountain and my favourite: The Tower of Terror. I was laughing hysterically in the last one because it was that much fun! It's almost as good as being on stage! And the whole parks was decorated in a Halloween theme which I really liked a lot. It was a pitty though I didn't get to buy bubbles and blow them in the air all day as I planned and I didn't find any Jack Skellington in the Park though it was Halloween. But I bought a little Jack in the Tower of Terror.

Today we returned from the concert in Luxembourg. It was great though it was quite difficult for me because I got really sick. We even had to cancel the work for the studio in Hamburg tomorrow because I need time to get well again.

Now I am looking forward to Russia.

See you soon :)



Monday, October 13, 2008

New bulletin from Strify

On the 1st of November 2008 the name of the 2009 coming CINEMA BIZARRE album will be announced! You'll get to know it first on the official fansite fans-bizarre. de and of course on cinemabizarre. com!

Quickpost this image to Myspace, Digg, Facebook, and others!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Italy Mix

Strify looks alot like Jyrki 69 there..

Copyright Blogosfere

Copyright Elena_92

Copyright Blogosfere

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Blog from Yu!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Current mood: hyper


sexy saturday right? ;D

oh yeeeer im damn happy cuz~ i can tell u that our concert at italy-milano is SOLD OUT!!! <3
and also were goin to rawk Rom and Florence this year!!!:D

so much good news hehe
at the moment we prepare for the upcomin shows (r u rdy Milano?) & writin on new songs.
all these things that happen around us, u guys, the tour givin us good energy, experience for life and for sure ideas for songs! :D
oh and before i forget i wanna say thankyo to our supportbands at the last concerts Diskotek and Automatic Eye, u rawked much! :D

still dont hav som tourpics but for ur lucky ill giv u som new ones featurin shin ^^

ur happy now? ;)

n i wish u a niiice night~

rawk on


in my head, som new cb stuff hehe secret ;D


Monday, September 22, 2008

Fan photo/live mix

Copyright ""

Oooo I really like this one!! (please comment this if you took this photo, I hate not crediting people)

Copyright Emma Jonasson

haha look at Kiro's face ^^

Blog from Yu! via myspace

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Peace today pls! <3
Current mood: pretty

Yoooo <3

maybe u know its peace day so be gentle to everyone and keep this kind of mind ;D

its our last day in Tallinn and so the last day of this part of the tour but just a few days and we rock on ^.^
we slept all day long and now were goin to enjoy the sauna a last time.

i had sooo much fun with all of u these days, u gav us muuuch of good energy while all of the gigs, especially i luv helsinki, the stage was soo great!

while the tour we improved a lot and made good experiences.
its a good feelin when u know "hey im growin" not only in the way of music, also in the way of beein human.
i luv life ;D

aneway im happy to be back in berlin this evenin, even i like to travel lot, i missed it x3

rock on <3


rock it Miyavi - Nirvana Blew Cover

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Kiss Kiss!

Copyright Emma Jonasson

Eskimo Strify!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Blog Bizarre 017 - Konnichiwa Bitches (Back from Scandinavia)

Howdy again!

I'm blogging right now from the Hotel in Tallinn we're still at.
The shows in Scandinavia are done and it was really nice.
We'll even be back in Stockholm very soon for some recording sessions for the next album.
Our flight back to Berlin will be leaving in some hours.
In Malmö there was a nice kick off gig, the club was very cool and a lot of bands lick Juliette and the Licks or even Queens of the Stone Age have already played there. In Stockholm I always feel a Pop-Vibe ;) Love to be there.
It was also very exciting to visit Finnland because there's so much music coming from there.
Now I'm looking forward to Milano and Paris. We planned something very special for that two shows and there's a reason to be excited for some surprises! Alors ;)

I'm leaving Estonia today with a great feeling. You gave us a ot of energy and a lot of Adrenaline on stage ;)

There you go for one picture I took backstage at the Nosturi in Helsinki. The hat is belonging to Shin ;)

See you soon again!

PS: Have you already heard of LADY GAGA? She's the new shit!
I fell in love with her since I got a promo copy of "THE FAME" when I was in Paris the last time. Her album is out now! Show your love for Madama Gaga! - feels so retro-sexual!


CB American Support on myspace are rounding up fans and finding out where you are from! This will help CB know where to tour! vote vote vote!! =]

Click here


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