Saturday, July 26, 2008


Yu rocks...he's been keeping us fans updated nicely as of late!! ^^

Here the most recent blog from his myspace:

Saturday, July 26, 2008

pimp my guit
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Good Mornin xD

how u see photobucket isnt workin atm, so no pics =/

hope ur all fine and get ready for the Games Convention and the IFA with us ;D

i will pimp my vikki baby!!! so enjoy her at the comin concerts!

oh btw, again a new tattoo hehe damn cant get enough

sooo its late shud go to bed

nice night, good mornin, carpe diem etc ;)


btw: cold showers doin a good job round these days <3


Some blog news:

Back for a bit, have been very busy this week but once this following week is over, the blog shall be updated almost daily!

Stick around peeps! =]


Well after browsing lots of CB party pics

this one caught my attention the most:


That is all. =]

Friday, July 18, 2008

really good acoustic version of ETTS live


New CB merch at duetsch rock!


Paris gig added on October 10, 2008 at Bataclan club!

ANOTHER blog from Yu! ^^

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gold Fish Boyz
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Fish Scratch Fever~

wow a new entry again :>
im not bored, iv only got som freetime and let u be a part of it ;D
remember im at my hometown all the pics were made at my best dudes home

lets hav a look at Nienburg

this is were i went to school

and also some ducks <3

i hope ill find som time when im back at berlin to write much into blog

Ohhh~ and som very special
tomorrow on friday, everyone hav a look at viva live 15h
some nice glitter sparkle princessgirlz will be there
Fraulein Wunder - remember the name ;D



todays earorgasm by Girugamesh - Shining <3

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another blog from Yu! ^^ How nice!

Off myspace:

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

just random
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Ni hao xD

everything fine rockers?~

i head some stuff bout that people got mad at school and dissed mobbed etc cuz of their taste in music (like cb) or anything else depending on what they like...
fuck off o_O" everone who annoys u just say fuck off!
dont let urself get down, u r ur own individual and nobody shud change u ;)
U Rawk!!!

take a smile

and also this one...take a cat! xD

sry for the big pictures, im a picturenoob xD

hope to see everyone of u at Hamburg!~

Rock On <3~


btw: today i dunnow somethin to say btw... 1337!
oh now i know...the butterfly wasnt real xD


HAH I knew it was fake! =P

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


new blog entry from Yu off myspace

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

3 days Beard xD
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today is a very special day for me! ^0^/

as i promised some pics of the new tattoo

whats the right one? xD

oh and check this out

pretty girls, pretty sound, perfet voice n rocknroll videos ;D

Rock On~


btw: nbg is for Nienburg not Nürnberg xD grr~

Note: I wonder if that butterfly is a real tat or not...



Scandinavian show dates delayed to September!
Category: Music

Important news!

The shows in Malmö, Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki had to be pushed back to later dates in September due to organisational issues.
These are the new dates:

SE - Malmö, KB - 14.09.2008

NO - Oslo, John Dee - 15.09.2008

SE - Stockholm, Klubben - 16.09.2008

FI - Helsinki, Nosturi - 18.09.2008

Other dates aren't affected by these circumstances!

Already bought tickets remain available.
We apologize for any circumstances that are being caused.

Have a nice day!

I can imagine some people are probably REALLY pissed off.


And for miscellaneous news:

Strify time?

I kinda feel bad

for posting this but I guess Luminor's mom has a myspace. I mean it's out there and I guess they made it public. Thats one cool mom though!

Click here to see it


I'm gonna be upgrading this site soon. It'll be a main domain except I can't think of a proper site address yet. Hmm maybe I've never worked a main domain site before so that shall be interesting. I'm quite excited actually...I wanna make some fancy graphic/gif work and maybe animation. My only problem is I'm not good at HTML...AT ALL. XD I guess I'll have to learn it better. Then I'll see if I'm able to make alternate pages for Bios, media, discography etc. (all the good shtuff) ^^

Yeah see I would have made a type of site but ...I'm too chicken to do that cause I don't wanna fall behind on keeping something like that in good condition...especially if it ever becomes official. What if there is someone who can do it better than me? Maybe give them the chance? Idk cause it follows up on this big issue I've noticed:

As of late there are many band support sites popping up (as if it's a trend now) and I see that some of them don't update stuff at all or are just having friend adders that add 293403 strangers. I mean SURE your supporting the band by introducing new people to it but..whats the chance they'll actually pay attention to you if you don't update or be active? By active I mean, talking to people you add or vice versa, posting news, researching for more news, and keeping the site looking nice.
Then I've noticed there has been an issue with copying and no crediting. Seriously..if your gonna use someone's stuff..tell them or at least credit them!! It's not that hard! I've talked to other people who run supports for different bands and they tell me similiar stories. It bothers me cause people are not only competing for who has the most friends..but now it's..who has the most supports. <_< I mean the true purpose should be the word itself=support not compete.

Monday, July 14, 2008

new blog from Yu!

NBG Downtown!
Current mood: melancholy

Heyhey Nightstalkerz~

hows up?
didnt wrote u a long time, will put some more the comin days

at the moment i spent my time at my best friend the black cat at my hometown
we jam around and hav som rocknroll, but also its melancholic to be here

hope u r all ready for the party at the weekend?
take a look at my new tat on my left shoulder, its the sign for emptiness.
i will put some pics the next days

rock on !!!


atm listen to: lacrimas profundere - shiver and hide - ever free (dont say its a strange mix ;D )

Can you spot him?

See anyone rather familiar?^^ Looks like a class photo.

Found this from kudos to them for posting this!

Friday, July 11, 2008

new blog by shin!!

Clips from Fete De La Musique

cinema bizarre Blog
Ein weiteres tolles WordPress-Blog
11. Juli 2008 von admin

Hey to all ^_^//

We are back from the Salt Sound Festival in Lituana.
We gave a GREAT concert there!
It was so funny… and it was so boring…
We had to wait and wait and wait all the time
because there were some problems and we perfomed 3 h later ;_;

Just now I’m happy, that we play very soon at the IFA Berlin (Germany)

We will rock the stage :)

Here you can see what we were doing backstage at La Fete De La Musique 2008

So I don’t know no more what I have to write to you xD
See you soon~


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Oh la la

Listen up Russian fans!

The show Web Zone on MTV Russia will be showing CB clip from the evening of July 13 to the 14!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Another Italy Review!

Major Kudos to Russian Street Team for posting this info!

From LineaMusic: Fan meets band

I had won the meet & greet with CINEMA BIZARRE!

Between me and them there were only three days, three long days ... Needless to say, the first night I spent sleepless. It is impossible to sleep when you know that only a few hours separate you from the day that you had long awaited.

Feel the excitement grow inside you and you wonder how it will be tomorrow, if you manage to speak with them. With the mind you go to those photographs that you saw on the internet, photos of other girls who have lived your own dream, and you know that soon you will your little trophy and will be able to say "I was there."

In these cases, the time passes too slowly and the moment seems not ever get there!

Arrived in front of the Universal Music I was surprised by how many people was there! I know that the Cinema Bizarre are not unknown in our country, but it's fantastic to see all those people and think that only a few have the pass for the meet & greet, while all others are already there knowing departing probably that will see only the machine with dark glazing, but they are there the same!

Finally come the 11 and 30. Together with the other winners we are entered within the building. Then inside the lift at that moment too small, seemed to stifle ... Each plan had more desire to escape that to stay there!! I continued to think: "when I'll go to them for the photo I will make myself a bad figure, doing a fall."

A long corridor and finally the room where would have taken place the meeting. I was inside, I could not believe it! They said to us that we should have to wait another thirty minutes, the guys had to finish the interviews. Speaking with the other girls about our common interest, the time has come unexpectedly quickly.

A voice has distracted my attention from the talking: "Cinema Bizarre are coming." The first to enter was Kiro followed from Yu, Luminor, Strify and Shin. I can not understand if for their arrival, we fans, we are falls into a silence religious or if for the agitation I lost the ability hearing, the fact is that in my memories there are only their smiling and a silence all around! I'm surprised ...

For them is certainly not the first time, I feared to be in front of five boys so accustomed to fame by not providing the slightest attention to us fans, but was not so!

They have shown kind and available. Each of us has made the group photo, had his autograph, the guys have made the individual photos and talk quietly with the girls most courageous of me that are not remained paralysed for the emotion. Strify seems a distributor of smiles and teasers! I have never seen a person more solar and it is impossible not smiling to him.

Kiro is the classic boy of companion: with rascal eyes, he has a expression nice and crafty printed in the face! Luminor has the charm of mystery. Each movement is slow and elegant. Yu is sexy! Not there is another way to describe him ...

He emanates sensuality from every pore. Shin has the temperament of the true artist: calm and detached but always attentive to every little detail. It was gratifying read in their eyes all the satisfaction! The beautiful things, have little time and also meet & greet was no exception.

We were greeted with the promise of re see to the concert. When all five have crossed the door between us broke out a scream of joy! The path to enter that seemed infinitely long, now seemed terribly short! everything was finished. if initially the agitation, blocked me and prevented me to walk, now I felt extremely light, almost empty ... Maybe because my heart was several steps behind me in that room.

Once you exit I finally realized the immense good fortune that I had. The girls remained outside were still there, waiting. If you are fans you are happy for little.. even if you see your idol from afar, able to breathe the same air. When you win a meet & greet you forget the endless hours that have passed outside, while inside there is another person... I am grateful to Cinema Bizarre for those short and intense thirty minutes where I could enjoy them. I understand that is a opportunity more unique and rare that this time I was I lucky!

The Cinema Bizarre have not failed to show their affection for all fans, before leaving they are stopped at bars of the parking where they signed autographs and photos for all the girls present there! some might say that I am smart and they know well sell their product ... I think it is rare to see a person in the eye and understand that truly loves what he does! This is what I tried myself, and I think that no one can take off my conviction that the Cinema Bizarre are really special!

Angela - Lineamusica Street Team
Translation by Leleonoral87 for

For another fan review click here

For photos click here

Monday, July 7, 2008

M6 live!

If you pay attention in the begin. there is some stupid people waving middle fingers at them. <_<

Major Kudos to Russian street team!

^Their photos from Salt Sound festival!

Friday, July 4, 2008


Moldavian fans!

Romanian Fans!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

another new blog

from main site!

Yippie yippie Yeah!
2. 2nd Juli 2008 von admin July 2008 by Admin

Howdy guys!Here I am again and it’s soooooooo fucking hot today. Howdy guys! Here I am again and it's fucking soooooooo hot today. It’s like the hottest day in Berlin this year! It's like the hottest day in Berlin this year! I am melting! I am melting! Last week we’ve been to Paris again (I love love love that city!) and played in front of 50′000 people! Last week we've been to Paris again (I love love love that city!) And played in front of 50,000 people! My heart was bouncing in my chest, up and down, left and right! My heart was bouncing in my chest, up and down, left and right! The show was called “La Fête de la Muqsique” and it really was a party! The show was called "La Fête de la Muqsique" and it really was a party! We had tons of photo shoots and interviews so you can expect new stuff in the latest French magazines in the next time. We had tons of photo shoots and interviews so you can expect new stuff in the latest French magazines in the next time. It was a great time - our hair stylist taught me some dirty words in French. Two days ago we had a big photoshoot in Berlin and so you can expect even more new photos! I am looking forward to the Salt Sound Festival in Lituana at Sunday! It was a great time - our hair stylist taught me some dirty words in French. Two days ago we had a big photoshoot in Berlin and so you can expect even more new photos! I am looking forward to the Sound Festival in Salt Lituana at Sunday ! The first full gig at a festival! The first full gig at a festival! I am sooooooo excited! See you soon again!Jack Strify! I am sooooooo excited! See you soon again! Strify Jack!

Strify's new blog...yeah I'm melting too.... X_X LOL

...because of this frickin picture! >=] woot woot!

from his myspace:

Blog Bizarre 013 - I am meltin’

Konnichiwa Bitches (aha-aha)!
This was till now the hottest day this year in Berlin!
I am melting!

Uh but I feel dancy today! Dancy and sweaty!
Here you go for a picture of Yu and me made during our last trip to Paris for "La Fête de la Musique" which fits perfectly to the weather. Kind of fuzzy!


Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Well here I am sipping on my honey tea and eating some miniature truffle cake. Not much going on now but something you can do is vote for Cinema Bizarre in the EuroPlus top 40 chart (Russia). I'm looking at this list and I gotta say..some good bands on there (i.e. Maksim and Bilan is alright). I'm a little shocked that Band Eros is beating out Cinema Bizarre. O.o

You can Vote Here

Also new is two vids from the girl who does the wonderful CB covers on piano!! ^^

Silent Scream

Escape to the Stars

Well I got nothing else more to say. Till next time! <3


What do you think of the new song "Crasing and burning?"

Do you think Luminor left the band for good or no?

Next video?

What does this blog need more of?

What do you want to see in the new album?

Best Cinema Bizarre Song?


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