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new CB twitter photo

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oooo reddish eyes and the tie is a little disheveled..

wonder what he was doing ;D ;D

jk jk

CB in magazines

Poster preview ^

Thursday, January 29, 2009

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New Interview with Yu With Official Latvian Street Team

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demo leaked


hope you're feelin' all glittery and glamy.

i got a lot of mails during the last hour with the question where the leaked song does come from.

to be honest, i don't have any idea where the song does come from.

especially because it is still the demo.

hm... once in the internet, always in the internet. so i guess i can't change that.

anyways, i kinda like the little video.

the song's called "in your cage"
have a nice day, see ya soon

ps: thats the one I'm talkin about
http://de. youtube. com/watch?v=Xm5sEW5Cai4

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Romeo Interview With Cinema Bizarre Official E-Team

Wednesday 28/01/2009

Some QuestionZ to Rom3o

Romeo was so kind to answer some questions we sent him.
Here are his nice answers ^_^
-What do you think about music downloading?
Copy kills music
- A lot of fans of yours are kinda inspired by you guys. They make drawings, portraits, graphic stuff, comics, write fics. What do you think about it all? I mean, about fans going creative for you?
This is an honour.When you can inspire human or share something in that you believe ... feelings, hope, trust and more this is amazing ! This means so much for me !
- And what about fans who imitate your look?
they dont immitate, they search and combinate and find themselves!
- What would you be if you were: an animal; a cloth; a scent; a drink.
Lion, armor, sweet love, nektar.
- We know you're also a singer. Are we gonna hear something from you in ToyZ?
Oh ;D No ;D In the Band Cinema Bizarre i ll play only instruments. I will not sing in this band ;D.
- Do you see yourself rather as one of the members of a band, or as its frontman?
In this Band is my part to play my instrument ;D i love this job and i dont wanna sing Cinema Bizarre!
- How much does the others'(bandmembers) opinion affect you?
We make every decision together ;D !
- Your name has italian roots =).... How do you feel about Italy?
Italy is romance !<3
- Are you tidy?yes
- Would you ever work as a model?
;D Maybe ;D
- In what past historical age would you rather live and why?
-Oh ;D haha ;D i love my life ;D
- You guys played 3 concerts in Italy this year: Milano, Roma and Firenze. Do you have any special memories? Highlights, episodes that impressed you or simply stuck in your mind? =)....
I will tell you something away from the shows which were uh lala ;D

One of my best moments in italy....
Early in the morning... i woke up in roma...
i went to the window, throw the curtain to the side...
the window was opened....
i ve watched my first sunrise in italy...
It..s all over the city...
i ve seen little gardens under my hotelroom...
a church or something whats look liked one ...
I ve closed my eyes for a second or two and took a deep breath...
this little moment ...
perfection ...

- Do you believe in God?
I do
- What's your favouite Disney character?
Robin Hood
- Have you ever considered dating a fan?
You ll never know where love catch you.
- ToyZ is the name of your new album. Having a glance back in childhood: what used to be your favourite games to play? =)....
- Oh many things ... Swords,Lego,Videogames ;D
- Describe each of the other guys in one word: Strify; Kiro; Yu: Shin.
Kiro-stuffed animal
- A message to your italian fans:
Never forget to trust in you heart! <3


Yu Interview with Cinema Bizarre Official E-team!


Some QuestionZ to Yu

... Yu was so nice to answer, as well ^^
Here you go:
How and when did you realize you had a passion for playing the guitar?
first when i heard the sound of a guit, later myv got me the kickoff to start playin

- How did you get to eventually transform your look?
i transform everytime ;D i like to change

- What do you think about music downloading?
it suxx! it suxx as hell!!! dont start doin this!!!
but to be honest when i started listenin to jrock i downloaded it but afterwards i bought everything i had cuz its a must! but gettin jrock in germany i quite difficult n expensive

- A lot of fans of yours are kinda inspired by you guys. They make drawings, portraits, graphic stuff, comics, write fics. What do you think about it all? I mean, about fans going creative for you?
its a good thing to get creative n start things. maybe they start with us n then finding their own n gettin better n better

- And what about fans who imitate your look?
its not the best way to imitate somethin but if its ur beginnin of makin somethin new for u its okay but dont forget to find ur own way cuz beein a copy isnt the finest

- What would you be if you were: an animal; a cloth; a scent; a drink; an instrument.
animal - somethin like a phoenix, beein brilliant
cloth - the thing u need to make ur cloth lookin perfect, the accesoire to get YER!
scent - vanilla
drink - PhoenixFUcker selfmix
instrument - guitar

- During the shows, do you happen to look at one single person in her eyes, for a while? If so, does it give any feelings to you or are you just used to that?
while every show i check often the eyes of som people, also som girls for a few seconds n i try to read in their eyes, check the feelin n feel the energy

- As you often play shirtless, some people noticed you have a kind of red stain on your chest. Can we know how you got that?
when i was a child with one and a half yer i stand in front of a oven n throw boilin water down. it burned my chest n made the fire in the oven spit out n burn down into my chest...not nice not nice

- Is it hard to deal with being the sex symbol in the band? ; )....
i hope that the people know im more than that ; )....

- You often change your look (haircut, color, piercings...). Is that just for fun, or is it due to some special feeling you're living in that moment?
note, if i had more money i wud change much more often ;D
but yer its a special feelin of makin myself the way i look. if i feel to change i do it if i can

- What's you worst flaw? And your best quality?
flaw - sometimes i act to raw on people
best quality - im brilliant

- What's the thing you really can't stand in someone?
if they dont notice that theyre doin shit or smth unreasonableness n stuff

- Are you tidy?
way too much, i keep tidyin up my room as often i can

- Would you ever work as a model?
if i get the offer to

- In what past historical age would you rather live and why?
i like it to be in the >now< but check out som days in the past with knights n stuff wud be fun, but just check som days ; )....

- You guys played 3 concerts in Italy this year: Milano, Roma and Firenze. Do you have any special memories? Highlights, episodes that impressed you or simply stuck in your mind? ; )....
everytime italy is a strange thing but its very nice! as a child i went often with my parents to italy for holiday so i feel a bit like "hey i was here" n thats a good thing

- Do you believe in God?
if theres a god, im sure that im a demigod ; )....

- What's your favouite Disney character?
i didnt watched disney movies for now, somehow they past me n so i cant say much bout it

- Have you ever considered dating a fan?

- ToyZ is the name of your new album. Having a glance back in childhood: what used to be your favourite games to play? =)....
i luved my wooden sword as a child!

- Describe each of the other guys in one word: Strify; Kiro; Shin: Romeo.
im not good at describin others ; )....

-You've been able to handle your private life and your success pretty well, so far. You can still hang around without always being attacked by raging fans.
Do you think you could put up with always having to be escorted and taken care of by body guards, and not moving a single step without them?
i think it wud suck much ;D

- How do you picture yourself in 40 years?
maybe im wearin a beard right then

- A message to the other guys:
Rawk On!

- A message to your italian fans:
Rawk the hell outta yer!!!


So if you have not heard..CB have a twitter account! They make about 2-3 updates there daily! (And all the guys too!)

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Don't Let Tokio Hotel Beat Cinema Bizarre!


So far we are winning yay!


Have been on hiatus.

Been a bit busy but I bring updates!

But here a few lil interesting things!


How sick is Lu actualy?

The article talks about Luminor leaving Cinema Bizarre. It says he left the band for saving his life.

It says that many fans have sent messages to CB's myspace acount and called the management.

Noone knew anything what is Luminor's secret illness till now. He was sleeping and was tired all the time and had to call of many performances. Keybearder Romeo had to replace him often. With madical and pshichological help he started taking medicine and he was feeling better in autumn. But at the end of november he broke-down-he was at the end and his health and life were in danger. He left Cinema Bizarre.

Many people thought it's becouse of the Burn-out-syndrom, but the real reason is in his personality and hardlife in the past. The article says he was depressive and even had thoughts about suicide and even caused pain to himself with cutting.

As a teenager he was sensible, introverted, he was molested and allowed noone to get close. He was in his own world, living his own fantasies. He was hiding his fears. The make-up that he's wearing since school is there to hide his soul problems. Also in Cinema Bizarre he often moved to the site. An insider: ''Luminor is total gaga. He lives on his own planets. No wonder that he's like that now.''

The separation was hard for Strify, Kiro, Yu and Shin. At the time they had the big east-tour and started to record the new album. Yu said it just coudln't end any other way.

And how will Cinema Bizarre continue? The boys are not sure if they should continue as four, or if they should find a new member. ''We need a keyboearder for presenting our songs live,'' says Shin. The decision will be made till the end of January. In February the new CB-single wil come out and in march the album ''toyz''. ''At the beginning of the year we're having a tour in Europe, then we're going to Canda, Mexico and America.'' Luminor won't be there. Strify: ''We'll miss him! We wish him health and that he finds himself again.''


January 17, 2009 - Saturday

About reports in some magazines - Statement

My dear beloved fans.

In the early past some news and one article about myself and the story of my exit from Cinema Bizarre were published in several Magazines.

I assertivly dissociate my self from thies informations .Because they are simply a complete lie and are not telling the truth at all.

Several judically plans are developing right at the moment to go against this deformation of my self .

I thank all my fans who told me about the shock they feeled when they read this.
I can only advise you to contact the publisher if you want to.

For my self i have to repaid that this story is not telling the truth at all.

My own , true version of the "story " will be official soon .

Thank you .


Wow Popcorn magazine sucks!


KIRO INTERVIEW WITH Official First Turkish Kiro Support™[CB-EF|VIP].

January 24, 2009 - Saturday


1-How is your dream Turkish girl? ^^, What are you thinking about Turkey?
I have no ideals how my dream girl would look like ;D I like turkey, I
was there once for holidays, it was in 2003 I think, I was with my
family in alanya ;D was really nice there!

2-You saw one girl on concert and you liked her ! what will you gonna do?
Kiro: Not yet, but who knews ;D

3-İn your school ,in your street do you hate someone ?
Kiro: It's normal that you can't like everybody the same, of course in my schooltime I hated some people,... but that's normal!

4-how is donner and Turkish kebab ;D ??
Kiro: You will laugh, I just have eaten one ;DDD I love döner ;DDDDD

5-Crazy fans or toward fans?
Kiro: Everyone ;D

6-If we say “Strify” what are you thinking ?
Kiro: I don't know what you mean right now xD

7- How is winter? Do you like it?
I like winter, but only for christmas, but mostly on christmas, there
is no snow... I hate it when it's cold, I prefer summer and sun ;D

8-do you prefer mountain house in winter?
Kiro: I never was in a mountain house in winter ;D

9-choose one *playing snow *making snowman * skiing
Kiro: Playing in snow ;P

its snowing can not go must be stay at your
home because its snowing soo hard!how will you enjoy at home?
Kiro: Watch a good DVD movie at home ;D

11-winter is pangs of love you think same thing ?
Kiro: Yes, when you have people near you, which you love ;D yes of course!

12-have you got any advices for pangs of love?
Kiro: No, everybody should know by himself ;D

you meddlesome in your relationship?Will you fight for your darling
which is wanna leave you? Or do you say “if she wanna,she can go”??
Kiro: Depends on the situation!

13-do you do all things for your friends =] ??
Kiro: Not everything ;D would be not good if, I would do a lot for my friends!!!!

14-your friend is wrong right now..will you support your friend in this statue?
Kiro: Of course yes, I want to help then ;D

15-imagine your friend will be marry with really wrong girl.......?
It would be his desicion, I couldn't do anything, everybody has to know
what to do, love makes blind, I would try to say him the truth,...

18-say us your song which is making you goose bumps :)
Kiro: t.A.T.u. - 220 ;D

19-the worst lycrss
Kiro: from songs I hate? hmmm.... don't know

20-the best song of winter..
Kiro: Within Temptation - The swan song

21-your song which is you proud of so much..
Kiro: Didn't get the question, song from us?

I like so much!!
and last question : how is my support =] ?
Kiro: Really great, I want to thank you for your great support, hope we will see soon ;DDDD keep on rockin'

kiro ;D



Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kiro interview courtesy of Official Russian Kiro Support by Jane

via myspace:

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


1. What does your tattoo mean? (Mystik! <3)
Kiro: My tattoo means 'trust'. Always trust in myslef ;D

2. Kiro, why do you like Russia so much? Only because of Tatu or smth else attracts you in our country?))) (Marika – Russia)
Kiro: I like russia not only because of tatu, I really like the language and the way of living! The first time I saw moscow I was so impressed and just fall in love with this city!

3. What do you know about Russian cinema? Have you ever seen it? (Marika – Russia)
Kiro: I think I'v seen some russian movies, don't know! Maybe you want to show me some good russian movies ;D?

4. What do you think about yourself? I mean the brightest features of your character or smth like that? (Marika – Russia)
Kiro: It's difficult to describe myself... U'll better ask other people for it ;D So I can tell u I'm very polite and I think I'm creative, I really like to draw for example!

5. Do you want to have songs on your native language on Cinema Bizarre CD one time? (Marika – Russia)
Kiro: I don't think so, but let's see what the future brings ;D

6. Have you ever thought about having your own family? Do you want it? Can you imagine yourself in a husband and a father role?))) (Marika – Russia)
Kiro: Of courese, yes! It's too early for having a family so I don't really think about it for now, I have enough time for it! First of all my career is the mist important for me!

7. Have you any advice for people who only starting to be musicians? (Marika – Russia)
Kiro: When you have the passion and the lve for music then everything is on the best way! Follow your heart!

8. What do you think when French fans , russian fans , Italian fans ... speak with you in german and not in English ?
Kiro: It's very cute! Sometimes there are some mistakes in it, but it's so cuuuuute ;D really!

9. If you had 3 wishes, what would you ask for? (Ich xD )
Kiro: It always changes, but for now, this are my 3 wishes for the cold seasons:
1. Holidays in the sun
2. lying in the sun with an cocktail ( sex-on-the-beach ;D)
3. A big steak ;D

10. What do you think about the banners (i don't know if in english are called like that) which the fans bring at the concert for you? (like Kiro Kuss mich xD ) and are they a lot for you? Kisses from Italy.. (Dark Nightmare )
Kiro: It's really funny to see when they're writing german, sometimes it's very amusing because sometimes there are some mistakes, but this make it more funny ;D

11. what's the most naughty thing that you've ever done before? ( Albany Venezuela)
Kiro: Can't remember one spesific thing ;D

12. How will you describe yourself in 8 words? ( Albany Venezuela)
Kiro: OMG, I can't describe myself... but ok...I'm polite, in the morning I'm getting angry very fastly, I like to sleep, I like to draw, I like make party with my friends, I like good food, I like horrormovies, I like love <333

13. How does your morning look like? (Official Russian Luminor Support ~Winter Light~ - Fantasy)
Kiro: The first haln an hour I need time for myself and I don't really talk, I get angry very fastly in the morning ;D

14. Have you ever wanted to be a girl? (Official Russian Luminor Support ~Winter Light~ - Fantasy)
Kiro: Would be nice for one day ;D why not!

15. What do you think about Russian fans who leave you shit comments on Russian? (Jane)
Kiro: It doesn't matter, I'll give of shit when people write shit stuff... I just laugh about how stupid the are, don't need to waste my time for such people!

16. What dish do you like to prepare by yourself? (Jane)
Kiro: I like do to noodles with nice sauce and soop!

17. Which country did you like the most from Final Attraction Tour?
Kiro: I like everywhere but the highlight for me was russia of course ;D but I also really like Finland and France!

18. Discribe your group members in 5 words:
Yu: strong, vanilla-coke-junkie, game player ;D
Strify: he talks a lot (sometime stoo much XD), he tells the same story 4 or more times ;D, party-bitch ;D
Shin: calm, sometimes very annoying, funny person
Luminor: melancolic, very polite, smokes a lot
Romeo: make too much unfunny jokes sometimes, very nice person, helps a lot ;D
Kiro: -

19. Which music instruments can you play accept bass?
Kiro: I can play the base and I like to play with the keyboard!

20. What do you expect from year 2009?
Kiro: I expect nothing, I'll just let everything happen and see ;D

Jane <3

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New interview in Rock One

Hopefully someone uploads this soon

info courtesy of Cinema Bizarre American Support..check out their site!


Copyright CB Hamburg Support

Greetings from Berlin! It is really cold here at the moment, not tired, finally have internet access sooo update time!


Thursday, January 01, 2009

TOYZ 2009.01 - Two. Oh. Oh. Nine.

Test, test.
Can you hear me?

My name is Jack E. Strify and today is the first day of 2009.
I got a great feeling when I think about that year.
I feel that the universe has something great coming for us.
Can you feel it too? Are you with me in 2009?

I just have a simple intention.
I just want to write pop history this year.
You know I'm a modest guy.

It's crazy what a difference a year makes. I learnt many lessons in 2008, I was seeing so many new faces and places. I lost and found friends and it was a crazy rollercoaster ride. And now I'm wondering what will happen in the next twelth months... I mean it's just 365 days, 8'760 hours. That's not much compared to what can happen in that time. You can lose or win everything. Somehow life seems like a game and we're all toys in it.

So I'm wishing you all the best in 2009!
And I hope you had a great night like I had yesterday.
Kiro, Shin and me were invited over to a friend's house in Berlin.
So we had a little nice party on our own until midnight.
Afterwards we headed to a club where some Berlin-famous Drag queens were DJs and I was all dancy and enjoying myself like always when I go out.
Just give me a spotlight, a discoball and some music and I'm happy.
On the next album we also have some songs for the dancefloor. I want to have a little dancefloor invasion!

Are you ready to play?

Jack E. Strify

PS: My Top Five New Year's Eve Songs From Yesterday
5 / MIA. / Mein Freund
4 / Scissor Sisters / I Don't Feel Like Dancin'
3 / The Killers / Mr. Brightside (Jaques Lu Cont Mix)
2 / Lady GaGa / Just Dance - (although I prefer Poker Face right now)
1 / Katy Perry / Hot'n'Cold - (I hated the song in the beginning to be honest but now I have no chance of escaping it anymore)

& My Top Five Albums Of 2008
5 / Kanye West / 808s & Heartbreaks
4 / Amy Winehouse / Back to Black (although it has been released in 2006 I disovered it in 2008 and for 2006 it would heave been #1)
3 / Grace Jones / Hurricane
2 / Robyn / Robyn
1 / Lady GaGa / The Fame

what's your favourite music of 2008?


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Hot'n'cold times ;D

Hello everybody!

Hope you are fine! At the moment it's really f***'in cold here in germany! I think, the best you can do at the moment is to drink a nice hot cup of tea or hot chocolate. ;D

I wish you also a happy new year 2009! I hope you've had a great celebration! Time is passing away so fastly, soon I will be 21! I can remember that time when I was about 15 years old, I want to be 18 and when I finally was 18, time is passing away faster and faster, every year! So I can tell you, enjoy your time ;D

We are still workin' on our new album 'Toyz' which will be released this spring! And we can't wait to show you that hot stuff!!!!

I also want to thank everybody! You all make it possible that we'll got the European Border Breaker Award!! It's so great and I'm very excited for next week when we get this very important award! THX you so much!!!

I wish you all a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lovely greetz.


What do you think of the new song "Crasing and burning?"

Do you think Luminor left the band for good or no?

Next video?

What does this blog need more of?

What do you want to see in the new album?

Best Cinema Bizarre Song?


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