Thursday, October 16, 2008

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Blog Bizarre 018 - Paris Paris!
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I'm back again!

There was much going on the last days.

After the great concert in Milano, we've been almost a week to Stockholm again.
These were some bloody creative days in the studio! I am already so excited about the release of the album next year. We don't have a date yet and we still are in the demo process, but I already love love love it. But there's already an album title which will be proudly announced on the 1st of November on the official fanpage and of course

In Stockholm I even met P!nk which was quite paradox because I had her new song in my head as she passed my way to leave the hotel. I think she's a pretty cool one!

The concert in Paris was fucking awesome. As you can see on the videos on YouTube we brought something special for the show. That was Cinema Bizarre how it should be :)
The Bataclan club was really one of the hottest clubs I've ever been to. The sound was great but my hair was a mess afterwards :) We only had some technical problems with the TV screens.

Unfortunately I can't show you any images right now because I can't find the connecting wire from my camera.

But there you go for a pretty funny video I found on YouTube. Someone threw a pack of cigarettes on stage and I just couldn't resist... But that I hate smoking doesn't mean that I hate smokers.

The day after the show in Paris we went to Disneyland and it was such a lovely day. I love it when the leaves turn their colours and you get to enjoy the last sunshine. It was one of those nice days. We rode all the rollercoasters - you really get to ride Space Mountain and my favourite: The Tower of Terror. I was laughing hysterically in the last one because it was that much fun! It's almost as good as being on stage! And the whole parks was decorated in a Halloween theme which I really liked a lot. It was a pitty though I didn't get to buy bubbles and blow them in the air all day as I planned and I didn't find any Jack Skellington in the Park though it was Halloween. But I bought a little Jack in the Tower of Terror.

Today we returned from the concert in Luxembourg. It was great though it was quite difficult for me because I got really sick. We even had to cancel the work for the studio in Hamburg tomorrow because I need time to get well again.

Now I am looking forward to Russia.

See you soon :)



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