Thursday, October 16, 2008

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Current mood: giggly

bonjour~ u crazy people ;D

we enjoyed the last days much~
so much RAWK at the Bataclan and the Rockhal!!!
thanks to everyone for comin, thx to diskotek for the great support and also thx to our crew and our people who made it possible to play there and giv such a big gig!!! i luv it ^.^

also we went to the disneyland in paris.... OH YAY! xD
i buyed a stitch-hat! wtf rawk! (o.o)/
i luv rollercoasters x3

so much experiences and fun all these days...aww <3

when i got on stage in paris i just checked my guits sound and shin gave me a beat so...we had to jam xD heres a vid from our short solo

also keep the 1.11 in mind...the day when we tell the name of our new album! ;)
u can find the news bout it on the official fanpage and for sure on our homepage

here r som picz for u from paris

rocknroll in the taxi ;D

the leadsinger and the guitarist

i luv the sky abov paris


sry photobucket suxx as usual and so i cant make them smaller =/

hope ur all well and well see u the next days at the next concerts!!! <3
maybe uv seen miyavis new blog, uah he put his lippiercing out ..<

rock on!!! <3~

rocknroll with gazettes new song Leech!!! <333

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