Friday, September 5, 2008

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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Message to my fans

Dear beloved Fans...

As you might have noticed my health and personal condition in the last time was not well. Actually it is necessary for me that I can take some time off now and this will help me to get well again soon....
I really hope for your understanding about my situation.
I will do this also for you to be again your Luminor and what you see inside me.

Please do never think that I ever will leave you!!!!
I will come back again as soon as I can.

Meanwhile please do not stop taking your strength from Cinema Bizarre like you always did. The band and I will always be there for you so please support them !!!

And just because I will be gone now for some time don..t see or feel it as an ending....But see it as a beginning of something wonderful new.

See you soon.
Thank you very much for your love and your loyality.

Always yours




Friday, September 05, 2008

not gonna get us <3>


I hope u all are fine ;D I'm very well at the moment <3

The IFA was really great, I really enjoyed to rock the stage, thx for everyone, who was there. I also want to thx some people who came from russia, czech, france, japan, to see us perform!

I hope u like our new song 'deeper and deeper' ;D when u want to hear it again u have to come to one of our future concerts and a lot of surprises more u'll see...

Yesterday I buyed some new clothes, they are very colourful lol maybe u will see them on stage! <33

I can't believe it. for one year we had our first performance in public TV show @ the dome in germany, and now we are travelling around the world, that is so amazing, I want to thank everybody, without u, this would be impossible ;D

see ya soon ;D




Wednesday, September 03, 2008

raindrops lala

good evenin roxxstarz ;D
im just back in berlin to rawk the town xD
it rains yay~ i like to watch the rain, its like washin the world

i miss the stage...only 11 days until rocknroll! <3
unfornately my new baby wont be there for the upcomin concerts,
but ill get another sis for vikki ;D

yesterday evenin Strify and I visited our girls of Fräulein Wunder at Hamburg for their great show ^0^/
tomorrow they rawk berlins magent club! lets rawk with them! <3

oh, and also here the promised pics

standard pic~ ;D


on this one i just played around with photoshop ;D


hope u like them <3

nice evenin~


todays headrawk by Miyavi - Yappari Megumi ga Suki ~dokusou~

Since Luminor will be taking some time off, it looks like Romeo
will be taking his place for now. I'm not positive on that information but for the past few shows he has been substituting for Luminor! Add Romeo to your myspaces! He is a friend of Yu and seems quite cool. ^^

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Anonymous said...

hey yu
i love your music
and damn you are hot
ich liebe dich


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