Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Romeo Interview With Cinema Bizarre Official E-Team

Wednesday 28/01/2009

Some QuestionZ to Rom3o

Romeo was so kind to answer some questions we sent him.
Here are his nice answers ^_^
-What do you think about music downloading?
Copy kills music
- A lot of fans of yours are kinda inspired by you guys. They make drawings, portraits, graphic stuff, comics, write fics. What do you think about it all? I mean, about fans going creative for you?
This is an honour.When you can inspire human or share something in that you believe ... feelings, hope, trust and more this is amazing ! This means so much for me !
- And what about fans who imitate your look?
they dont immitate, they search and combinate and find themselves!
- What would you be if you were: an animal; a cloth; a scent; a drink.
Lion, armor, sweet love, nektar.
- We know you're also a singer. Are we gonna hear something from you in ToyZ?
Oh ;D No ;D In the Band Cinema Bizarre i ll play only instruments. I will not sing in this band ;D.
- Do you see yourself rather as one of the members of a band, or as its frontman?
In this Band is my part to play my instrument ;D i love this job and i dont wanna sing Cinema Bizarre!
- How much does the others'(bandmembers) opinion affect you?
We make every decision together ;D !
- Your name has italian roots =).... How do you feel about Italy?
Italy is romance !<3
- Are you tidy?yes
- Would you ever work as a model?
;D Maybe ;D
- In what past historical age would you rather live and why?
-Oh ;D haha ;D i love my life ;D
- You guys played 3 concerts in Italy this year: Milano, Roma and Firenze. Do you have any special memories? Highlights, episodes that impressed you or simply stuck in your mind? =)....
I will tell you something away from the shows which were uh lala ;D

One of my best moments in italy....
Early in the morning... i woke up in roma...
i went to the window, throw the curtain to the side...
the window was opened....
i ve watched my first sunrise in italy...
It..s all over the city...
i ve seen little gardens under my hotelroom...
a church or something whats look liked one ...
I ve closed my eyes for a second or two and took a deep breath...
this little moment ...
perfection ...

- Do you believe in God?
I do
- What's your favouite Disney character?
Robin Hood
- Have you ever considered dating a fan?
You ll never know where love catch you.
- ToyZ is the name of your new album. Having a glance back in childhood: what used to be your favourite games to play? =)....
- Oh many things ... Swords,Lego,Videogames ;D
- Describe each of the other guys in one word: Strify; Kiro; Yu: Shin.
Kiro-stuffed animal
- A message to your italian fans:
Never forget to trust in you heart! <3


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