Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yu Interview with Cinema Bizarre Official E-team!


Some QuestionZ to Yu

... Yu was so nice to answer, as well ^^
Here you go:
How and when did you realize you had a passion for playing the guitar?
first when i heard the sound of a guit, later myv got me the kickoff to start playin

- How did you get to eventually transform your look?
i transform everytime ;D i like to change

- What do you think about music downloading?
it suxx! it suxx as hell!!! dont start doin this!!!
but to be honest when i started listenin to jrock i downloaded it but afterwards i bought everything i had cuz its a must! but gettin jrock in germany i quite difficult n expensive

- A lot of fans of yours are kinda inspired by you guys. They make drawings, portraits, graphic stuff, comics, write fics. What do you think about it all? I mean, about fans going creative for you?
its a good thing to get creative n start things. maybe they start with us n then finding their own n gettin better n better

- And what about fans who imitate your look?
its not the best way to imitate somethin but if its ur beginnin of makin somethin new for u its okay but dont forget to find ur own way cuz beein a copy isnt the finest

- What would you be if you were: an animal; a cloth; a scent; a drink; an instrument.
animal - somethin like a phoenix, beein brilliant
cloth - the thing u need to make ur cloth lookin perfect, the accesoire to get YER!
scent - vanilla
drink - PhoenixFUcker selfmix
instrument - guitar

- During the shows, do you happen to look at one single person in her eyes, for a while? If so, does it give any feelings to you or are you just used to that?
while every show i check often the eyes of som people, also som girls for a few seconds n i try to read in their eyes, check the feelin n feel the energy

- As you often play shirtless, some people noticed you have a kind of red stain on your chest. Can we know how you got that?
when i was a child with one and a half yer i stand in front of a oven n throw boilin water down. it burned my chest n made the fire in the oven spit out n burn down into my chest...not nice not nice

- Is it hard to deal with being the sex symbol in the band? ; )....
i hope that the people know im more than that ; )....

- You often change your look (haircut, color, piercings...). Is that just for fun, or is it due to some special feeling you're living in that moment?
note, if i had more money i wud change much more often ;D
but yer its a special feelin of makin myself the way i look. if i feel to change i do it if i can

- What's you worst flaw? And your best quality?
flaw - sometimes i act to raw on people
best quality - im brilliant

- What's the thing you really can't stand in someone?
if they dont notice that theyre doin shit or smth unreasonableness n stuff

- Are you tidy?
way too much, i keep tidyin up my room as often i can

- Would you ever work as a model?
if i get the offer to

- In what past historical age would you rather live and why?
i like it to be in the >now< but check out som days in the past with knights n stuff wud be fun, but just check som days ; )....

- You guys played 3 concerts in Italy this year: Milano, Roma and Firenze. Do you have any special memories? Highlights, episodes that impressed you or simply stuck in your mind? ; )....
everytime italy is a strange thing but its very nice! as a child i went often with my parents to italy for holiday so i feel a bit like "hey i was here" n thats a good thing

- Do you believe in God?
if theres a god, im sure that im a demigod ; )....

- What's your favouite Disney character?
i didnt watched disney movies for now, somehow they past me n so i cant say much bout it

- Have you ever considered dating a fan?

- ToyZ is the name of your new album. Having a glance back in childhood: what used to be your favourite games to play? =)....
i luved my wooden sword as a child!

- Describe each of the other guys in one word: Strify; Kiro; Shin: Romeo.
im not good at describin others ; )....

-You've been able to handle your private life and your success pretty well, so far. You can still hang around without always being attacked by raging fans.
Do you think you could put up with always having to be escorted and taken care of by body guards, and not moving a single step without them?
i think it wud suck much ;D

- How do you picture yourself in 40 years?
maybe im wearin a beard right then

- A message to the other guys:
Rawk On!

- A message to your italian fans:
Rawk the hell outta yer!!!

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