Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kiro interview courtesy of Official Russian Kiro Support by Jane

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Wednesday, January 07, 2009


1. What does your tattoo mean? (Mystik! <3)
Kiro: My tattoo means 'trust'. Always trust in myslef ;D

2. Kiro, why do you like Russia so much? Only because of Tatu or smth else attracts you in our country?))) (Marika – Russia)
Kiro: I like russia not only because of tatu, I really like the language and the way of living! The first time I saw moscow I was so impressed and just fall in love with this city!

3. What do you know about Russian cinema? Have you ever seen it? (Marika – Russia)
Kiro: I think I'v seen some russian movies, don't know! Maybe you want to show me some good russian movies ;D?

4. What do you think about yourself? I mean the brightest features of your character or smth like that? (Marika – Russia)
Kiro: It's difficult to describe myself... U'll better ask other people for it ;D So I can tell u I'm very polite and I think I'm creative, I really like to draw for example!

5. Do you want to have songs on your native language on Cinema Bizarre CD one time? (Marika – Russia)
Kiro: I don't think so, but let's see what the future brings ;D

6. Have you ever thought about having your own family? Do you want it? Can you imagine yourself in a husband and a father role?))) (Marika – Russia)
Kiro: Of courese, yes! It's too early for having a family so I don't really think about it for now, I have enough time for it! First of all my career is the mist important for me!

7. Have you any advice for people who only starting to be musicians? (Marika – Russia)
Kiro: When you have the passion and the lve for music then everything is on the best way! Follow your heart!

8. What do you think when French fans , russian fans , Italian fans ... speak with you in german and not in English ?
Kiro: It's very cute! Sometimes there are some mistakes in it, but it's so cuuuuute ;D really!

9. If you had 3 wishes, what would you ask for? (Ich xD )
Kiro: It always changes, but for now, this are my 3 wishes for the cold seasons:
1. Holidays in the sun
2. lying in the sun with an cocktail ( sex-on-the-beach ;D)
3. A big steak ;D

10. What do you think about the banners (i don't know if in english are called like that) which the fans bring at the concert for you? (like Kiro Kuss mich xD ) and are they a lot for you? Kisses from Italy.. (Dark Nightmare )
Kiro: It's really funny to see when they're writing german, sometimes it's very amusing because sometimes there are some mistakes, but this make it more funny ;D

11. what's the most naughty thing that you've ever done before? ( Albany Venezuela)
Kiro: Can't remember one spesific thing ;D

12. How will you describe yourself in 8 words? ( Albany Venezuela)
Kiro: OMG, I can't describe myself... but ok...I'm polite, in the morning I'm getting angry very fastly, I like to sleep, I like to draw, I like make party with my friends, I like good food, I like horrormovies, I like love <333

13. How does your morning look like? (Official Russian Luminor Support ~Winter Light~ - Fantasy)
Kiro: The first haln an hour I need time for myself and I don't really talk, I get angry very fastly in the morning ;D

14. Have you ever wanted to be a girl? (Official Russian Luminor Support ~Winter Light~ - Fantasy)
Kiro: Would be nice for one day ;D why not!

15. What do you think about Russian fans who leave you shit comments on Russian? (Jane)
Kiro: It doesn't matter, I'll give of shit when people write shit stuff... I just laugh about how stupid the are, don't need to waste my time for such people!

16. What dish do you like to prepare by yourself? (Jane)
Kiro: I like do to noodles with nice sauce and soop!

17. Which country did you like the most from Final Attraction Tour?
Kiro: I like everywhere but the highlight for me was russia of course ;D but I also really like Finland and France!

18. Discribe your group members in 5 words:
Yu: strong, vanilla-coke-junkie, game player ;D
Strify: he talks a lot (sometime stoo much XD), he tells the same story 4 or more times ;D, party-bitch ;D
Shin: calm, sometimes very annoying, funny person
Luminor: melancolic, very polite, smokes a lot
Romeo: make too much unfunny jokes sometimes, very nice person, helps a lot ;D
Kiro: -

19. Which music instruments can you play accept bass?
Kiro: I can play the base and I like to play with the keyboard!

20. What do you expect from year 2009?
Kiro: I expect nothing, I'll just let everything happen and see ;D

Jane <3

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