Thursday, February 19, 2009


A great interview with Strify conducted by "The way we are" (a CB Argentina Support)

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Hallo bizarre people!!!! ^^
Here we're again!! ;D with the little interview to Strify!!! yeeeahh!! ^-^
I have to say he's a veeery nice person!!! sooo lovely!! and a super Lady Gaga's fan!!! xDDD he's the best singer in the history!! OF COURSE!! :D thanks a lot to him for his sweety words and all his love!!! <333
Here you have... :>

~What do you know about Argentina? would you like to come here to visit? (made by Luisina) I just know a ittle bit because of the movie Evita. Movies and music are spreading culture I guess.

~Would you like to learn to dance the tango? (made by Valentina)
I would like to learn dancing at all! I'm not a good dancer.

~Do you know speak or some phrases in spanish? (made by Ana Paula)
had Spanish in school. The only sentence I remember is "Roberto es un
chico tranquillo y sympatico" and "Me llamo Strify, como te llamas?"

~What you like and what you hate in yourself? (made by Justina)
Ah nobody's perfect but everyone's good at hiding it :)

~And what do you like and hate about the other guys? (made by Justina)
They are great! And sometimes you need to argue to see the positive things again.

~What would you like to study if you weren't a musician? (made by Graciela)
Psychology or Art.

~What is the song that is always playing in your iPod?(made by Laureano)
Right now? Lady GaGa.

~If you had the opportunity to choose how to call you since you were born... what would be your name? (first and last name) (made by Santiago)
Jack Strify for sure.

~What would be the perfect place to go on holidays? (made by Maria)
the maledives

~If you met with a genius and he grant you 3 wishes... what would they be?
neverending creativity, cookies and a bunch of more wishes

~What was your first pet? (made by Marina)
a bunny

~Who could interpret it to you in a movie version of your life? (made by Luisina)
nobody yet. still writing my own story.

~If you could exchange with a person in the world, who would it be? (made by Sebastian)
i want to be me and no one else.

~Do you have nicknames for the other guys? (made by Graciela)
shin is shinderella

~What was the most crazy thing that made a fan to see you? (made by Laureano)
can't remember right now. so i guess it wasn crazy enough

~Complete the sentence: "When I was 15 years old I was___________" (made by Maria)
5 years younger than today.

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