Thursday, February 12, 2009

You asked, Romeo answered! =]

Since so many of you are interested about CB's newest member..we have an interview! =]

I'd like to thank Romeo for taking time out to answer these fan questions! ^^ These are what several fans around the world asked:

What are your feelings about Cinema Bizarre and your fans? And do you like to do all those stuffs that you must do when you are in a band (interviews, photoshooting and so on...)?
Yeah ;D I '*#+#+# Love it ;D

Which American show are you most excited for and why... L.A or NYC??? Both ;D its *.* unbelievable

What was it like joining Cinema Bizarre last year and performing with them? Everything started with a great time together !

I know that you like to make us discover songs and bands on Myspace. In the future, would you like to try to become a producer or manager?
;D In the moment I dont think about that ;D
I like good music and my place is the Stage ;D

How many tattoos have you on your whole body ? And did you ever you made one on the whim? (Just because you wanted to have a new tatoo right now )
In the moment 6 ;D No i love my tattoos!

What is your most beautiful recollection of one of the concerts you 've been? I mean concerts of other artists of course!! ; D
I ve seen an unfogettable concert 2005 Tste of Chaos Tour in Cologne ( live music hall)
"The Used, Story of the year, Rise Against, Killswitch Engage,Funeral for a Friend" ..... What a show ... *.*

What is the biggest challenge for you right now being "new" and what is your favorite CB song??
;D I love it its no challenge ;D One of our new ones ;D haha ;D but i hush

who is your biggest influences when it comes to eithor bands, art, poetry ect.. who or what do you respect the most and why??
My life and the music i am listening.

How would you feel if Cinema Bizarre had songs in German? Do you think it would sound as well as the English ones?

In german i dont know... i love english !

If you were not a musician now, what do you think you would be doing?
I am and i allways wanna be ;D there is no "were not" ;D

Do you write lyrics? If so, what kind of things do you enjoy writing about?
I do ... i ve done and i ll do... i write about my life, experience, love and political stuff... .

..the most cliche :O) : If you were stuck on a island and could only have 3 things (people count as well) what would it be? a satelitetelephone, a guitar , a cape

A message to the U.S. fans?

Allways listen to your heart

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