Saturday, July 26, 2008


Yu rocks...he's been keeping us fans updated nicely as of late!! ^^

Here the most recent blog from his myspace:

Saturday, July 26, 2008

pimp my guit
Current mood: stoked

Good Mornin xD

how u see photobucket isnt workin atm, so no pics =/

hope ur all fine and get ready for the Games Convention and the IFA with us ;D

i will pimp my vikki baby!!! so enjoy her at the comin concerts!

oh btw, again a new tattoo hehe damn cant get enough

sooo its late shud go to bed

nice night, good mornin, carpe diem etc ;)


btw: cold showers doin a good job round these days <3


Some blog news:

Back for a bit, have been very busy this week but once this following week is over, the blog shall be updated almost daily!

Stick around peeps! =]

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