Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cinema Bizarre Italy [official Italian Forum] Romeo Interview about America

- First impressions and sensations as you were in America?
any bags lost this time ? lol

Lights.... cool cars... XD rawr

- How it's (was) to learn to live with the time zone?
Any problems about ?

No problem for me

- Did you forget somethin' at home before you'f left ? i dunno, make-up, clothes , or other bizarre stuff to do ...xD
No ;D Everything with me

- what ur family'n friends say about this ''sudden'' departure sooo far away ?

Its amazing and they are taking pride on it.

- how was your first day and night in L.A.?

Woow... i ve sleeped very well... next day touring across L.A.,
The beach and we ve visit our label. Shopping and out for Sushi ... <3

- First show with the Lady... how do you feel ?

Bizarre and Gaga ;D haha

- Are you scared about some Lady Gaga fans that may don't like u ?


- Are you going to ''live'' in Hotel ? if yes, who is in room with who and how do you spend your free time ? xD

The first days in L.A. yes. ;D ! We spend our time allways together.

- ... and how do you feel knowing here in Europe there are sooooo many fans from France, Italy, Russia and coo that with heart are with u in this big wonderful experience..would u say something about?

This is love ! <3 Cant wait to see them in our Shows !

- If now you have to be in America for ''a little '' , and you was recording for Toyz, this mean that it'll be out later than you planned?

Recording is finished ;D

- If you could describe in just 3 words what's passing to you in this moment... ?

Bzzzz bzzz BZZZZ XD

- Would you buy or do something special as 'sweet memories' of this experience ?

I am sure i will....

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Rhebekka said...

Bzzzz bzzzz BZZZZ XD! Ur to funny

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