Monday, March 2, 2009

Support Action

Support Action
Hey Everybody

We've got a nice idea for our Supporters.

Maybe you noticed that our TopFriends are quite low at the moment because the profile will go Under Construction and here comes your part:

Those Cinema Bizarre Supporters (Supports for the whole Band, not the single Members)
write a Message to the Band Myspace (only 1 Message)
As Subject write the Number of your Friends.
Those 6 Supporters with the highest Numbers will get the chance to be in the Topfriends!

The next days we put the best Supporters into the TopFriends.

Don't panic, everyone will get a chance. From time to time we'll do this Action again, so keep supporting!

-Get ready to play - Get your toyZ in Spring 2009

PS: Add Romeo's Cinema Bizarre Profile

He will accept your Requests with the next Update and take on your Messages and Comments.

via CB myspace

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