Friday, March 20, 2009

Kiro Interview from Russian Kiro Support (international)


1.What are the most important things in your life? [-z3in-]
Kiro: My family, my friends, my band, my life!

2. Are u a spontaneous person?Can u make smth rashly? [Cinema_Bizarre_Slash]
Kiro: Yes, sometimes I am very spontaneous, but mostly I think a lot about things!

3. Have you ever done something stupid, when you were drunk? [Cath & Tville, Denmark]
Kiro: If often do something stupid ;D I think there is too much,... for example, sometimes, I get so angry when I'm drunk and then I fall asleep xD I don't know why

4. If you got a phone call asking you to be in a new horror movie, would you take the job as the actor? – [Jenn, USA]
Kiro: Yes, of course, why not ;D?

5. If you heard the quote, "Music is what feelings sound like" what would you say to that? –[Krystina, USA]
Kiro: Music is a thing of living out the feelings! You can be yourself and let people know!

6. What do you think about, when you hear those words ?
Love: very important
Friendship: best friends are so important in life!
Money: Money is also important but it's just 'money'
jealousy: has good and bad sides
sex: is the best sex with somebody you really love!

7. Have you realized all your childhood dreams? [Cinema Bizarre Island's league]
Kiro: No, everytime there is a aim! Everything will go step by step and there are so much things, so ask me the question again in 20 years ;D

8. What was your favourite toy in your childhood,with wich u have played and spent much time together?Where is it now??[Katuffka & Dafna]
Kiro: I loved lego stuff and playing with cars and dolls xD

9. What is your favourite place in Berlin (except your room;) and why? [Jane [ORKS] & Cinema_Bizarre_Slash]
Kiro: I like 'Kudamm' there you can go shopping a lot and I like a big nature park in berlin, there you can enjoy and chill out with your friends in summer, it's really beautiful!

10. Which country have you never been to but want to go to? [lalumiah ,America]
Kiro: I really want to go to japan/tokyo, this really interest me!!

11. What thing you never done would you do? [ Kornflakes, Fr]
Kiro: Maybe jumping out from a plane ;D

12. Why do you not sing a song "Silent place" at concerts? [KYLSS ,Russia]
Kiro: Because we think it doesn't fit live that well!

13. Have you got any pets ? [Lea]
Kiro: When I was young I had a dog ;D I really like dogs!

14. a)What song does remind you of childhood; b)what song is a remedy for depression; c)what song is related to the happy moment of your life? [/yellow_marshmallow/]
a. Ase of base - All That She Wants
b. Within Temptation - Forgiven ( but I still love that song!)
c. Lady Gaga - Just Dance

15. What is it like to live with Yu and Strify in the apartment? [Lauren, USA]
Kiro: It's great, sometimes it's very chaotic but it's often very funny!

16. Have u ever made some naughty thing in your childhood and than your mother should spank you than...? [~BIZARROCHKA~ ,Russia]
Kiro: No, I was a nice kid, I rarely do something naughty, I only didn't wanted to pit my whole stuff in the trash, I want to have everything with me, so I put all the stuff away from my room in the woods so that nobody could find them ;D my mother was a bit angry but only a bit ;D

17. When was the first time as u heard t.A.T.u? Which song was first you have heard? [Willy, Russia]
Kiro: It was 'All The Things She Said', it was in german TV!

18. What was the most impressive in Krasnodar for you? Did you like the show?
Kiro: I've really liked the stage and everything, and all the lights! Hope to come back very soon ;D

19. Once you said that you like drawing. What do you like to draw? [Jane (ORKS)]
Kiro: I like stuff in anime and manga style and also portraits from real people!

20. What is firm-manufacturer of your guitar?[Jane (ORKS)]
Kiro: I like to play my bass from 'Dean' it's called 'Demonator' and it's one of my favourite basses ;D

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